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Blanchette Catholic Center = BCC

Bishop Blanchette Scholarship Fund = BBSF

Combined Boards meeting is for all board members from Parish, Deanery and JDCCW boards; Transition meeting is for Outgoing and Incoming board members

Woman Of the Year = WOY


CCW Combined Boards: Parish, Deanery & Diocesan board members, BBC rooms, 505-6 LEADERSHIP DAY

    SU, October 1, 3-5pm JDCCW: Afternoon Tea and Vintage Fashion Show to benefit the BBSF at BBC; call Joanne at 815-741-1645 with any questions.
    SA, October 14, 9:30am  CCW Combined Boards: Parish, Deanery & Diocesan board members, BBC rooms, 505-6  LEADERSHIP COMMISSION DAY
    TU, October 24; 7pm East-South Deanery Fall Coffee, St. Joseph Church, Downers Grove.  Contact Marita Kasley to RSVP: mkkasley@gmail.com 
  SA, November 4, 10am SWG Deanery Fall Coffee; St. Anthony's Frankfort.  Fr. Sponder will talk on "Women in the Bible"; contact Linda Ruhl at lindajoy@aol.com
    SA, November 11, 9:30am JDCCW Board Meeting, BCC, rooms 503-4 
    TU, November 14, 6pm Evening of Spirituality, light buffet dinner buffet and conversation ($5 donation for the meal would be appreciated) Speaker begins at 7pm promptly.  Reservations needed.
    SA, December 9, 9:30am JDCCW Board Meeting, Advent Mass and Luncheon, BCC, rooms 503-4, Chapel    
    FEBRUARY, 2018
    SA, February 10, 9:30am JDCCW Board Meeting, BCC, rooms 506-7
  MARCH, 2018
  SA, March 10, 9:30am CCW Combined Boards meeting: Parish, Deanery & Diocesan board members: BCC, rooms 503-4
  APRIL, 2018
  SA, April 21, 9:30am    Woman of the Year Mass and Luncheon at the Cathedral
SA. April 30, 9:30am? SWG Spring Institute, St. Mary's Minooka.  Contact Linda Ruhl, lindajoy@aol.com for more information
MAY, 2018
  JUNE, 2018
June 6, evening Kankakee Deanery Spring Institute
June 7, morning Ford/Iroquois Deanery Spring Institute
  SA, June 9, 9:30am  JDCCW Board Meeting, BCC, rooms 505-6
AUGUST, 2018


  11 JCDDW Board meeting, BCC, rooms 503-4
  28-9/1 NCCW Convention, Pittsburgh, PA
SA, September 22, 9:30am JDCCW Board Meeting, BCC, rooms 503-504
SA, October 20, 9:30am JDCCW Board Meeting, BCC, rooms 503-504