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   Welcome to our website!

                   Our 2017 Women of the Year are listed below.  Our Fall Coffee was Tuesday, October 24 at St. Joseph, Downers Grove.  SAVE THE DATE of our Spring Institute: May 9, 2018 at St. Pius X, Lombard.  See our Flyer.  For further information, contact Marita Kasley at mkkasley@gmail.com

Ascension Of Our Lord, Oakbrook Terrace: Maryann Neffke; Christ the King, Lombard: Virginia Lesnik; Holy Ghost, Wood Dale: Sandi Sobieski; Immaculate Conception, Elmhurst: Colleen Maietta; Mary Queen of Heaven, Lombard: Donna Klopacz; St. Alexander, Villa Park: Mary Reedy O'Connor; St. John the Apostle, Lombard: Maria Magana; St. Joseph, Addison; Sue Kopecky; St. Joseph, Downers Grove: Deb Secara; St. Pius, Lombard, Betty Kramer; Visitation; Elmhurst: Jane Fitzgerald

2016-18 Board

Spiritual Advisor Rev. Mark Rosenbaum  sttacc@comcast.net
President Marita Kasley mkkasley@gmail.com
Vice President Nancy Siemers nsiemers@dioceseofjoliet.org
Recording Secretary Linda Koscik lmkoscik@aol.com
Corresponding Secretary Michelle Weiland weilandm@hotmail.com
Treasurer Pat Lord patriciallord01@gmail.com
S P I T I T U A L I T Y  
     Church Open
          Vocations Open
     Legislation Marianne McKeague marianne33@att.net
     Family  Carlotta Lawton


          Reverence for Life Bonnie LeMay bonnie.lemay@sbcglobal.net
     Community Kay Papineau pkppineau01@gmail.com
     International Joann Hillebrand denouncer5@comcast.net  
L E A D E R S H I P /Organization/Education 
     Organization  Linnea Warda lbw1156@sbcglobal.net
     Significa Editor Pam Sifuentes geopamsifu@comcast.net
     Significa Mailer Madalene Cannata madalenecannata830@att.net
     Webmaster  Marianne McKeague marianne33@att.net
     Publicity  Rose Martinet rosemartinet11@gmail.com 
     Advisor Rhonda Kollman rhondak626@gmail.com

DuPage Deanery

Parish CCWs

Addison, St. Joseph

Rose Sisco

Lisa Decter

  Elmhurst, Mary Queen of Heaven Kay Passarelli kmpassarelli2@gmail.com

                 Immaculate Conception

Gretchen Meurer

Jennifer Morrissey



                 Visitation Kim McGregor

Lombard, Christ the King Sue Oliveri

                 St. Pius X Michelle Weiland
  Oakbrook Terrace, Ascension of Our Lord Mary Thon midge05@comcast.net
Villa Park, St. Alexander Joyce Splan
                  St. John the Apostle Rhonda Kollman  
Wood Dale, Holy Ghost Kelly Scardina  kelly9572@aol.com
Downers Grove, St. Joseph
 Deb Secora
                            St. Mary of Gostyn



Hinsdale,             St. Isaac Jogues Melissa Gramman
Naperville,          St. Raphael, pending  
Westmont,          Holy Trinity

Jeanne Pantke

Jan Bartel



A deanery's two roles are to be a support and educational resource to the Parish CCW officers and members, and to be their  communications and representative link to the Diocesan and National CCWs.

Scroll down for our "Welcome" and to see how we try to fulfill the above roles through our...

Deanery Events

Deanery Newsletter: 'Significa'

Deanery Archives

History of our Deanery website:  

East(ern) DuPage Deanery’s website went online in February, 2009; as of 2/28/2015, total visitors were 15, 691.  By 1/1/2015, the site had migrated to this page, but unfortunately, visitor statistics are not usually available.   
















WELCOME to East DuPage-South DuPage Council of Catholic Women's web page!

We hope you will find here items of use and interest both personally and as as a member of the Council of Catholic Women (CCW). All women in parishes with a Council of Catholic Women (CCW) are members of CCW. In addition to the information and resources on the Joliet Diocesan CCW's website and its mailings to members, visitors and guests, East-South DuPage Deanery publishes and distributes a bi-monthly newsletter, the Significa, which contains news for our Deanery CCW, information on past and upcoming events, and articles by our board with ideas and resources for CCW women and Councils.  For example, the first issue of each 2-year term introduces the new board, the issue after a diocesan or national convention summarizes the sessions for those unable to attend in person, and the last issue of each year (May) is written by each Parish council, and consists of reports from each on their activities of the year.  If you do not receive our newsletter, and would like to, please contact the editor, Pam Sifuentes, at geopamsifu@comcast.net  Below, we have links to this year's events, newsletters and some of our archives. Please contact the web page editor at ccw.webmanager@gmail.com if you have questions, concerns, or ideas for improving this page.

DEANERY EVENTS  Our first support and educational resource to you, the parish CCW officers and members is through two (or more) meetings a year where you can meet your peers from neighboring parishes in a network of widening awareness, to exchange ideas, share successful programs and services, etc., and often learn new ideas from a speaker or panel.  Then of course, is the publication and distribution of the 6 annual issues of our deanery newsletter, the Significa, and the maintenance of this website.  Our Archives give anyone interested some of our history and background.  Below you'll find links to our recent events, projects, newsletters, and archives.

Spring Gathering          2016 Flyer          2016 Deanery Service Project: See 2016 Flyer

Officers' Night Out    By Invitation

Fall Gathering            2017 Flyer  

Deanery Newsletter: the 'Significa'

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Deanery Archives
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