Diocese of Joliet


Bishop Imesch


Bishop Joseph Imesch had a true passion for helping those in need. Among his many accomplishments over the years in the Diocese of Joliet was the creation of three missions that, decades later, continue to touch many lives.

Joliet Diocesan Catholic Education Foundation - Established by Bishop Imesch in 1996 and dedicated to the advancement of Catholic education through scholarships to children of families with financial need.

Catholic Charities Daybreak Shelter in Joliet - Established in 1979 by Bishop Imesch to provide emergency services such as food, shelter and clothing to the homeless in the Joliet area. Bishop Imesch often served in the cafeteria at Daybreak and listened to the life stories of those he served.

Diocesan Mission Outreach - Established in 1994 by Bishop Imesch to serve the poor in Bolivia in support of the larger universal Church. Bishop Imesch actively participated on a number of mission trips. He also played a leadership role in establishing a hospital in Sucre, Bolivia.

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