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Diocesan Pastoral Council Chronicle



  • New members welcomed by the Diocesan Pastoral Council:
    • Br. Joseph Martin, FSC
    • Sr. Maureen Fallon, SP
    • Elizabeth Bilotta (N. Will/Kendall)
    • Nick LaBanca (N. Will/Kendall)
  • Guests: Delegates from the USCCB Convocation of Catholic Leaders shared their experiences from the national gathering.  Members discussed translating the energy of the Convocation to the functions of our diocesan church. They will lead a dialogue with other leadership bodies in the Diocese of Joliet.
  • Final preparations were discussed for the September 30, 2017 Diocesan Assembly.
  • In lieu of forming additional committees, members discussed forming short-term “working groups” to discuss topics relevant to diocesan ministries.  Three initial working groups were proposed (young adults, diversity, rural communities)
  • At the request of Bishop Conlon, members discussed the pros and cons of permitting athletic events on Church property on Sundays.
  • Bishop Conlon announced the formation of his “Schools Task Force”, as well as the dedication of a courtyard at the BCC to former employee, Natalie Bayci.
  • Bishop Conlon expressed his thanks to the following members for their time and leadership on the Pastoral Council:
    • Sr. Linda Hatton, SSCM
    • Tony Hakl
    • Sandra Hakl
    • Jim Broline
  • Bishop Conlon discussed the continuing need for vocations to the priesthood in our diocese.  While we have a good number of seminarians, shortfalls from the past decades will continue to cause a strain on our priests’ time for many years.
  • Bishop Conlon also discussed the new Illinois tax credit scholarship program, scheduling of Confirmations and the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.


  • The DPC Assembly Committee shared a recap of the September 30, 2017 event. Keynote speaker, Tom Peterson (Catholics Come Home), our workshops and overall logistics were well-received by attendees.
  • Chairman, David Stejkowski provided an update on the continuing dialogue following the 2017 USCCB Convocation of Catholic Leaders.  Convocation delegates continue to dialogue with different branches of leadership in the diocese.
  • Members were updated on the dialogue known as V Encuentro. Various forums around the Diocese of Joliet led to the production of a document provided to Bishop Conlon, which included some recommendations on ministry to Hispanic/latino Catholics.
  • Bishop Conlon updated DPC members on the Schools Task Force, which began meeting, and the Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship program, and in particular our effort to coordinate with independent non-profit, Empower Illinois to promote scholarships at our diocesan schools.


  • New members welcomed by the Diocesan Pastoral Council:
    • Kelly Heffron (South DuPage)
    • Andrew Hackley (South DuPage)
    • Tony Roth (N. Will/Kendall)
  • Election of officers was held:
    • Chairman: Madeline McNicholas
    • Vice-Chairman: David Stejkowski
  • Bishop Conlon asked members to review a proposed communication to priests regarding the Confirmation of adults and older children. The letter has to do with the appropriateness of Confirming non-RCIA adults at Easter Vigil, and the approach we take candidate formation.
  • Members discussed favorably the possibility of offering inter-cultural leadership training to promote greater diversity in leadership and formation positions.
  • Bishop Conlon shared some updates to the diocesan curia in the Development Office and Diaconate Office.
  • Bishop Conlon announced that he will begin preparing his first Pastoral Letter as bishop.