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  Although just about every parish in the diocese offers baptism preparation, there is a considerable range among programs in terms of length, coverage, and approach. Nearly every parish can add something to its baptismal prep program that would increase its impact.

   Baptism preparation is one of the few times when we are able to reach a wide range of young adult Catholics whom we otherwise might not see for a while. Because of this, any effort we make at this time can have real benefit. Along with the baptism preparation program and the liturgical event itself, other outreaches and connections can take place in and around the time of infant baptism. 

   During this seminar, which takes place at the Blanchette Catholic Center from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm, Dr. Jim Healy will offer the rationale for increased attention to baptism preparation ministry, an overview of the most common baptism programs, and a variety of ideas for enriching your baptism program, whatever you are doing now. The $10 per person cost covers all refreshments and materials. Please pre-register by May 15 online at http://conta.cc/2g0mL7R or by calling 815-838-5334.