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V Encuentro letter from the Bishop
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February 7, 2017


 At this time of grace, it gives me joy to inform you that the January 28th official Launching process towards the Fifth National Encounter (V Encuentro) was a great start. We welcomed all your delegates representative of your parochial community and together we were 18 Parishes and 3 apostolic movements who have heard Pope Francis’ call to take the first step, boldly take the initiative, go out to others as Missionary Disciples: Witnesses to the God’s Love, and Seek those who have fallen, stand at the crossroads and welcome the outcast.

Bishop Conlon’s statement to the participants was very assertive and pastoral, “as Bishop of the Diocese of Joliet, [he is] eager to hear the ideas and recommendations that will emerge from the process. [He is] ready to support your leadership in the life and mission of the Church, particularly that of emerging young leaders.”  the goal is that everyone’s voice be heard at the National V Encounter.

 All participants were given the official manual, the instrument guide designed to help live out the missionary process of the          V Encuentro. The Guide’s five sessions are inspired by the call of Pope Francis to be missionary disciples, to be the Church in Mission (Joy of The Gospel #24).  As such, the sessions and missionary actions prepares the missionary disciples to:    

1. Take the first step,

2. To involve ourselves,

3. Accompany others,

4. Give abundant fruit, and

5. To celebrate the joyful presence of the Risen Jesus Christ in our families, our faith communities and on the peripheries.

 From our office, we want to make sure you and your parish community have our full support engaging in the V Encounter process. I have attached a practical infographic that explains the steps of organizing and living out each step. Please feel free to call our office for questions or if you need our assistance in your parish William Becerra and/or I, can guide you.


In Christ,

Jorge Rivera


Office of Hispanic Ministry/Ethic Ministries

Picture of the V Encuentro Parish Teams