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St. Isidore
427 W. Army Trail Rd
Bloomingdale, IL 60108-1389

Rev. James Murphy, Pastor
Phone: (630) 529-3045
Fax: (630) 529-2940
Email: general@stisidoreparish.org
Website: http://www.stisidoreparish.org/

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Handicapped Accessible Spanish Mass Has School Signed Mass

Mass Times
Daily: Mon. - Fri. at 7:00 am, 12:05 pm, Wed. an additional Mass at 8:15 am (during school year), Sat. at 8:15 am
Weekend: Sat. 5:00 pm, 6:30 pm (Spanish); Sun. 7:00 am, 8:30 am, 10:00 am, 10:30 in chapel, 11:30 am (Spanish), 1:00 pm

Sat. 8:45-10:15 am, or by appointment by calling the Parish Office (630) 529-3045

Eucharistic Adoration
1st Friday of the month-7:30 am - Saturday 8:00 am

St. Isidore School
431 W. Army Trail Rd.
Bloomingdale, IL  60108
Ph: (630) 529-9323
Fax: (630) 529-8882

Contact Information

Pastor Rev. James Murphy (630) 529-3045 jmurphy@stisidoreparish.org
Parochial Vicar Rev. Juan José Hernandez (630) 529-3045
Parochial Vicar Rev. Reynaldo Treyes (630) 529-3045
Deacon Deacon Terry Cummiskey (630) 529-3045
Deacon Deacon Dan Defino (630) 529-3045
Deacon Deacon Oscar Monterroso (630) 529-3045
Deacon Deacon Terry Neary (630) 529-3045
Pastoral Associate
Mr. Tom Norton (630) 295-8330 tnorton@stisidoreparish.org
Finance Director Mrs. Ann Hatt (630) 529-3045 ahatt@stisidoreparish.org
Director of Administration Mr. Dan Tobin (630) 529-3045 dtobin@stisidoreparish.org
Human Needs Ministries Ms. Lisa Puclik (630) 295-6890 lpuclik@stisidoreparish.org
Adult Faith Director
Ms. Leonor Carvajal (630) 295-8351 lcarvajal@stisidoreparish.org 
DRE (K-6)   Mrs. Vera Zielinski (630) 529-9191 vzielinski@stisidoreparish.org
Youth Ministry Terri Majeski/Arizbeth Alcaraz (513) 620-4CYM youthministry@stisidoreparish.org
Youth Minister Mr. Nick Ventrella
(630) 295-8338 nventrella@stisidoreparish.org
Liturgy Coordinator Ms. Sue Entwistle (630) 295-8352 sentwistle@stisidoreparish.org
Music Director Mrs. Karen Stefanic (630) 295-8353 kstefanic@stisidoreparish.org
School Principal Mrs. Corrine Alimento (630) 529-9323 coriealimento@saintisidoreschool.org
Parish Council Chair Ms. Corinne Callender (630) 529-3045 parishcouncil@stisidoreparish.org

Parish #129
West DuPage Deanery

Parish Boundaries

North: County Line and Hwy. US 20 (US 20 is from southern boundary of Roselle parish).

South: Lies Rd., from Fair Oaks Rd. to Schmale Rd., thence north to Army Trail Rd.; Army Trail Rd. East to center section line of Section 23 & 14 of Bloomingdale Township.

East: Schmale Rd. from Great Western Railroad Tracks to Army Trail Rd.; center section line of Sections 23& 14, of Bloomingdale Township.

West: Beginning at the DuPage-Cook County Line, Church Rd. to Fischer Rd., thence Jefferson St. and its continuance, Morton Rd., to Schick Rd., thence Gerber Rd. to Army Trail Rd., thence Fair Oaks Rd. to Lies Rd.