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Pastoral Planning Committee

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Executive Summary
Framework for Pastoral Action
Marco para la Accion Pastoral
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Planning Tools for Parishes

Pastoral Planning - What is it?

  • "A process of prayer, study and discernment, through which the pastor and pastoral council identify and prioritize ways the parish is being called to live its specific mission in the Diocese of Joliet, in light of the three pillars of discipleship, evangelization and charity."
          (adapted from Diocese of Greensburg)
  • Training - Dr. Michael Cieslak Presentation, Part 1 

Tips & Strategies for Parishes


  • Discipleship Poster (JPG - High Res)
  • Evangelization Poster (JPG - High Res)
  • Charity Poster (JPG - High Res)
  • Christ is our Hope Magazine April 2015 Article, "Some Advice Regarding The Framework For Pastoral Action" (PDF1)(PDF2)