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The Joliet Diocese Social Justice Coalition

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Mission Statement:

"Standing firmly on the ground of Scripture and Catholic Social Teaching, led by the Spirit, afire for social justice, we are centered in prayer and united in right relationships as we raise awareness, educate and take action to create a just world locally, nationally and internationally."

Who we are:

Guiding Principles

  • Membership is made up of Joliet Diocese parishes and institutions that make a commitment to social justice and our organization.
  • Membership can include individuals not formally representing an institution, but sharing our mission.
  • We are a ministry of the Joliet Diocese Office for Human Dignity - Justice and Peace Ministry, working in partnership with Catholic Relief Services and working in collaboration with other social justice organizations.
  • We are strictly non-partisan as we address social justice issues and take actions.
  • We build relationships and community among the parishes and other institutions of the Diocese of Joliet.
  • We act as one body on social justice issues agreed upon by discernment and consensus.
  • We share information that allows individual members to take action as they wish as long as the issue and action fall within our mission.
  • We speak for the poor and marginalized.
  • We work in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in need throughout the world to move them toward self-sufficiency.

Some of our first actions:

Create a Ripple Series

Meeting Minutes and Agendas


Social Justice Coalition
Office for Human Dignity
Blanchette Catholic Center
16555 Weber Road
Crest Hill, IL 60403

Committee Coordinator and Diocesan Support