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Diocesan Committees

The Restorative Justice and Prison and Jail Ministry Committee

Our mission is to inform and educate people in the Joliet Diocese of the needs of those affected by crime and the Criminal Justice System and to work for systemic change. We challenge parishes and individuals to assist, minister to, and act to heal victims and their families, those incarcerated and their families, as well as the entire community.

As heralds of the Good News of Jesus and grounded in Catholic Social Teaching, the Joliet Diocese Restorative Justice Committee, promotes justice, forgiveness and mercy. We affirm and celebrate the dignity of all people. We reach out to persons who are victims, incarcerated, ex-offenders, jail and prison staff, the families of all involved and to the community at large.


The Joliet Diocese Social Justice Fellowship Committees

We are a ministry of the Joliet Diocese Office for Human Dignity - Justice and Peace Ministry, working in partnership with Catholic Relief Services and working in collaboration with other social justice organizations. Membership is made up of Joliet Diocese parishes and institutions that make a commitment to social justice and our organization.

Standing firmly on the ground of Scripture and Catholic Social Teaching, led by the Spirit, afire for social justice, we are centered in prayer and united in right relationships as we raise awareness, educate and take action to create a just world locally, nationally and internationally.