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  Economic Justice - A Year Long Focus 

This site serves as the hub for information and resources related to our year long focus on economic justice.  Activities center on an examination of Economic Justice for All: A Pastoral Letter on Catholic Social Teaching and the U.S. Economy, written by the U.S. Catholic Bishops nearly 30 years ago.  We will look at how this document continues to speak about the realities of U.S. economic life today and the global significance of our actions.

Monthly Readings and Discussion Questions

This page provides links to the featured monthly reading selection of Economic Justice for All and related discusion questions for the month.

Sign-up to receive an email with a link to the Economic Justice for All monthly selection (approx. 10 pages), along with related discussion questions, and occasionally, other suggested readings.

 Online Conversations

This page is your link to Pax Blog, our forum for discussing the readings and discussion questions related to the featured monthly selection from Economic Justice for All.

Create a Ripple Bulletin Inserts

Information pages pertaining to the Economic Justice for All readings are distributed to parish bulletin editors.  You can also encourage that in addition to making printed copies available to members of your parish, this information is posted on your parish website, too.

Chapter 1 - September 2014 - English   Spanish

Advocacy Activities

This page provides you with resources and links to help you let our elected representatives know where you stand on economic justice issues.

 Diocesan Gatherings

Economic Justice Touches Everyone and Everything – a conference to discuss the growing income gap in the United States and economic injustices around the world was held on Saturday, October 4, 2014 at the Blanchette Catholic Center, Crest Hill.  Tom Mulloy, USSCB policy advisor, was the keynote speaker.  Take a look at Tom's presentation which provides links to many data sources and other informative resources.

Additional gatherings may also be scheduled as resources & opportunities become available

Parish & Community Events

Screenings of movies like Inequality for All, a movie that addresses the growing income gap in the United States, are useful for getting dialog started.  Contact Steve Jackson at sjackson@dioceseofjoliet.org for information about licensing rights and to request a loaner copy of Inequality for All to show in your community.

Send an email with details about related economic justice events hosted by your parish Social Justice Committee/Ministry to Kayla Jacobs at kjacobs@dioceseofjoliet.org, if you would like for us to help promote them.

Online Resources & Links

There are many resources on this page to help you learn more about economic justice issues.  Throughout the year, we will be adding additional resources and links.  Check back frequently.

Monthly Activities

Various activities will take place to educate about Economic Justice for All & related Church teachings, to raise awareness of potential harms resulting from income inequality, & to provide opportunities for action related to the economic justice theme & reading for the month.  Sign-up to join our advocacy network and receive Justice and Peace related news to stay informed about these activities.

Monthly Economic Justice Themes

September & October – Christian Call to Confront Economic Injustice

Chapter I: The Church and the Future of the U.S. Economy

A. The U.S Economy Today: Memory and Hope

B. Urgent Problems of Today

C. The Need for Moral Vision

November – Catholic Perspective on Economic Life

Chapter II: The Christian Vision of Economic Life

A. Biblical Perspectives

B. Ethical Norms for Economic Life

C. Working for Greater Justice: Persons and Institutions

D. Christian Hope and the Courage To Act

December & January – Economic Justice & Employment

Chapter III: Selected Economic Policy Issues

A. Employment

January – Economic Justice & Poverty

B. Poverty

February – Economic Justice & the Nation's Food System

C. Food and Agriculture

March – Economic Justice & Globalization

D. The U.S. Economy and the Developing Nations: Complexity, Challenge and Choices  

E. Conclusion

April – Economic Justice & the Common Good

Chapter IV: A New American Experiment: Partnership for the Common Good

A. Cooperation within Firms and Industries

B. Local and Regional Cooperation

C. Partnership in the Development of National Policies

D. Cooperation at the International Level

May – Economic Justice for All – The Path Forward

Chapter V: A Commitment to the Future

A. The Christian Vocation in the World Today

B. Challenges to the Church

C. The Road Ahead

D. Commitment to a Kingdom of Love and Justice 

Note:  Chapters and section topics refer to the monthly readings from Economic Justice for All: Pastoral Letter on Catholic Social Teaching and the U.S. Economy  issued by the U.S. Catholic Bishops in 1986.  A free copy can be downloaded from www.usccb.org/upload/economic_justice_for_all.pdf.

The growing income gap in the United States is a threat to all of us