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Resources for Catechist Letter

(on Faith and Reason, Sexuality and Marriage)

Faith and Reason

VIDEO:  Fr. Robert Barron On Faith and Reason

VIDEO:  Aquinas on Faith and Reason (Dr. William Murnion, Seton Hall University)

 VIDEO: The Mingling of Faith and Reason: Miracles and the Catholic Church (Salt and Light Catholic Media)

Pope John Paul II: "Fides et Ratio/ Faith and Reason" (Encyclical Letter)

Pope Benedict (as Cardinal Ratzinger): "Faith, Reason and the University" (The Regensburg speech) 

Science and Catholic Faith: Different Paths, One Truth (Tom Quinlan)

Strange Notions: The Digital Areopagus - Reason. Faith. Dialogue (Brandon Vogt, Word On Fire)

Human Sexuality and Christian Marriage

Diocese of Joliet Chastity Resources

The Humanum Series          The Humanum Talks
(6 video series on Marriage, presented at the Nov. 2014 Colloquium on Complementarity of Man and Woman in Rome)

Pope Francis on The Beauty of Marriage

Pope Francis on the Challenge of Marriage

Humanum Films Trailer (complementarity of man and woman)

Life Teen: "Catholics Care About Gays?: The Myth Debunked

LIfe Teen: Gay,Catholic and Doing Fine

Life Teen: God's Divine Design: The Church and Homosexuality

Always Our Children: Pastoral Message to Parents of Homosexual Children and Suggestions for Pastoral Ministers (USCCB)

VIDEO: The Third Way (documentary on homosexuality in the Church)

USCCB Marriage Resources