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Electronic Distribution of Safe Environment Documents

The Diocese of Joliet has approved electronic distribution of documents that require a physical signature. These include: 

  1. REVISED Diocese of Joliet Pastoral Policy Regarding Sexual Abuse of Minors  (Only to new families and new volunteers before they begin ministry
  1. Diocese of Joliet Standards of Behavior for Those Working with Minors (All new parents, catechists/volunteers before they begin ministry.)
  1. Parent Guide for Understanding and Preventing Child Sexual Abuse (All parents, annually)
  1. Annual Safe Environment Scheduling Letter, includes opt-out form (annually, if parish instructs instead of public school)

PLEASE NOTE: Current versions of the above documents can be downloaded from The Office of Child and Youth Protection’s page.

Email Distribution: If you normally communicate with parents and catechists by email, you may now email these documents with the Acknowledgement form, requesting that they print and sign it, and return it to you physically – not emailed back as a scan, even though that seems more convenient. We must have an original physical signature, and appropriate protocols should be followed to get these acknowledgements returned to you. (The same would be true for signatures on registration forms and permission slips distributed electronically.) For filing purposes, please keep a printed copy of your original email as documentation of date of distribution, along with any receipts that are returned. This will be helpful in filling out the annual audit.

Webpage Distribution: You may also post the PDF version of these documents on your parish website and email the page link or hand it out at a parent meeting. If you post the document on a webpage, it is recommended that you also physically distribute or post the Acknowledgment on the same page and ask them to download, print, sign and return to you rather than sending the form via email along with the page link. The Acknowledgment should be obtainable from the same source as the policy to ensure receipt of the policy.

If some parents or catechists do not have email or you do not communicate by email, you must continue to provide them with the printed version of these documents even when you email them to others. You are, of course, free to continue to distribute these items to all as hard copies as in the past. 

In the case of documents that do not require a signed physical acknowledgement, you may also use electronic distribution. These include: 

  1. Internet Safety (Parents, Grades 5 -12 annually)
  2. Sex and Cell Phones (Parents, Grades 5-12 annually)

If you have further questions, please contact Joyce Donahue, Catechetical Associate, or Molly Fara in the Office of Child and Youth Protection.