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Ros-a-Ree Retreat / Camp Out

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Registration for 2019 is Now Open

Registration Will End 7/31/19





The Living Rosary was beautiful, and I was moved to tears. -J.S. (adult attendee)


Wow! The priest who is an Eagle Scout and a drummer was too cool! -M.H. (youth attendee)


It was sweet camping with the bishop. -R.J. (youth attendee)


I give it two thumbs up and 11 stars out of a possible 10 stars. -T.D. (youth attendee)




Crew 3:16 and the Diocese Committee on Scouting wants to invite you to their annual Ros-a-Ree Retreat / Camp Out. The 2019 date has been announced! It will be the weekend of August 9th-11th, 2019 (it will ALWAYS start the 2nd Friday in August). This year it will be held at St. John the Baptist Church located at 0S233 Church St, in Winfield, Illinois.


The theme for 2019 is Star Wars, and this year's name is Faith Wars.  It will focus on Combating Seduction of the Dark Side.


High AdventureThis retreat fulfills the retreat requirement for many of the religious recognitions, and it is HIGHLY recommended that those working on a recognition attend. There is also a SPECIAL Ad Altare Dei orientation that will be held at the Ros-a-Ree; however, you MUST sign up for this orientation before the Ros-a-Ree to attend. Those forms are here: AAD Workshop


We are planning NEW and DIFFERENT activities, so if you were at the event in the past, (or heard how much fun you missed), you will want to attend the 2019 event for sure! To see some of the excitement and worship we had, then look below all the sign-up forms, (just under the ‘Links to the Informational Flyers and Registration Forms’), and you will find a group picture and below that are some videos of the last two Ros-a-Rees.


The event is open to all registered American Heritage Girls, Boy Scouts, Camp Fire Youth, Girl Scouts, & Venturers who will be entering the 6th grade (or higher) in the Fall. Space is limited so register your troop/youth early, (the early bird discount will end on 7/15/19, but you can still sign up provided there are still openings until 7/30/19).


ALL properly filled out forms must be received BEFORE August 1, 2019 – No Exceptions. It should be noted that it is required that ALL attendees, (this includes adults who will be setting the example for our youth), will stay for the duration of the event and participate in ALL activities, (an exception is made for the activities marked as 'optional' on the schedule).


If you were at the either of the last events, bring your totem back with you to get new beads added! Space will be limited so remember to get your forms in early!


To receive information about this and other events happening, send us an email to jolietcatholicscouts@gmail.com. Be sure to include your name, address, phone number, and email so we can keep you updated.


The 2019 Registration Forms and Information Materials are Below:


Flyer – Informational Flyer About the Event – Download and Pass it Out to Your Unit.

T-Shirt & Patch – Want to get a sneak peek of the T-Shirt and Patch before the Ros-a-Ree? You can download it here. Note that you can order extra T-Shirts this year if you desire.


Registration Contest – Informational Flyer About the Contest for Signing Up Early and for referring new people to attend. You Could WIN and Get Your Early Bird Registration Fee Refunded!


Instruction Letter – Letter to Individual and Group Leaders With More Information About the Event, Capacity for the Event, What to Bring, and Answers Many of the Most Frequently Asked Questions.


Registration Forms: Individual / Group Payment Form


No Walk-Ins Allowed!


At least one copy of this form MUST accompany ALL Adult & Youth Registration form packets, (those forms/packets are found below). It has payment, t-shirt size, and the mailing address information for all forms on it. The Individual / Group Leaders Signature and Certification are Required. NOTE: Additional Individual / Group Payment forms should be used if more than ten youth or adults are attending, but only the first form should contain the total remitted.


Registration Forms: Adult Packet – Registration Forms Needed by Adults. NOTE: An Individual-Group Payment Form, (found above), MUST accompany the registration forms for either the entire group, (or for an Individual), and include payment. Please be sure to fill out ALL information on the forms as it is all required (yes, some information is repeated on other forms but they each go different places and therefore all information is necessary).


Registration Forms: Youth Packet – Registration Forms Needed by Youth. A person is still considered a “Youth” until September 1st AFTER their High School graduation. Some Parental Signatures are Required. NOTE: An Individual-Group Payment Form, (found above), MUST accompany the registration forms for either the entire group, (or for an Individual), and include payment. Please be sure to fill out ALL information on the forms as it is all required (yes, some information is repeated on other forms but they each go different places and therefore all information is necessary).


Dress Code – Unless otherwise specified on the agenda/schedule that you will receive at Check In, (i.e. during mass, adoration, etc...), these dress code details will apply for the duration of the event. Remember this is a Retreat and NOT a Gym Class.  Short shorts and tight fitting pants are NOT appropriate.  Be sure to bring the dress uniform for your organization with you!


Totem & Bead Placement – Wondering what all those beads signify on the totems?  Your guide to understanding them is here!


Frequently Asked Questions – Everyone should read this!  It contains some of the most frequently asked questions we get each year. Save yourself time and read through these!


Last Minute Reminders for the Weekend for Attendees – This is a handy guide that should help you with packing for the Ros-a-Ree as well give you a few reminders about the weekend!


Rules and Regulations – There are always rules (Moses started it all with 10 of them)!  This guide does not contain anything we're sure you don't already know as Catholic Scouters, but reminders never hurt!

Group Photo of Attendees and Honored Guests From the 1st Ros-a-Ree in 2014:

          Ros-a-Ree Hats   Ros-a-Ree Patch - 2014  Ros-a-Ree T-Shirts - 2014

Thanks Matt Zadorozny for Making Our Totems FOUR YEARS IN A ROW!


Short Video's of the 2014 Event You Can Play or Download: 





OPENING CEREMONY - Watch the Opening Ceremony and Venture Crew 3:16 Singing a Song They Wrote, "Savin' Your Soul Man" (You Might Recognize the Tune).

"I loved singing along with the staff!"  -J.K. (youth attendee) 







"Seeing that a Deacon was a scout too made me happy in my choice to be a scout."  -B.D. (youth attendee) 






LEADERSHIP GAMES - Youth and Adults Compete in a Game of Popping Balloons.  Great Fun for Everyone


"I liked being able to run around and have some fun"  -S.T. (youth attendee)








THE CAMPFIRE - The Youth Staff Entertained Us and Had Fun Doing It.  The Audience Enjoyed it Too.  Anyone Want to be a 'Post' When They Grow Up?


"I laughed VERY hard!  The staff obviously prepared well for this"  -T.J. (adult attendee) 






LIVING ROSARY - Candles, Prayers to Our Lady, and Worship With the Youth.  VERY Moving Video.


"The Living Rosary was beautiful and I was moved to tears"  -J.S. (adult attendee)








ROCK AND ROLL FATHER  - Watch Father Andy Playing the Drums With the White Horse Band. Could it be That Priests Are Just Like Us?


"Wow!  The priest who is an Eagle scout and a drummer was too cool!"  -M.H. (youth attendee)  





LINE DANCING - Youth and Adults Alike Praising, Dancing, and Worshiping Before the Lord Just Like David Did.

"I loved dancing.  You have to do this again next year!"  -M.L. (youth attendee)