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Registration opens June 15, 2020 at 3:00 pm EDT!

Event Details

 We’ve all experienced our fair share of sufferings during these past few months. So much about our lives has changed, and it hasn’t been easy. But through it all, one thing hasn’t changed:
Jesus Christ is still with us and he loves us beyond measure. Experience hope alive at our very first virtual conference, Steubenville Live!                                               
Steubenville Live engages not only high schoolers but their families, too!  

Enjoy a virtual event like no other (we know – you’re over Zoom classes):

  • Live-streamed from Steubenville Florida, no pre-recorded talks
  • Fully interactive
  • Powerful worship music
  • And, of course, Jesus will be there, the source of our hope!
United with Christ and with each other we can restore hope to our world.

 “Hope does not disappoint because the love of God has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.” – Romans 5:5

Steubenville Live is a virtual, live-streamed event. In order to make this event as interactive as

possible (so you’re not just watching talks on a screen), we are including many elements that

will require live, active participation from home. Therefore, if you will be attending the event

with a group (which we encourage you to do, if possible!), we are offering the opportunity for

each group member to have individual access to all the interactive features of the event,

to give each participant the best and fullest possible experience. 



Bonus Theme:


We know that the hard work of discipleship continues long after the conference is over. Our desire is to send you on a journey of life-long transformation;

the conference is just a starting point. 

Therefore, we are excited to partner with Chris Stefanick and Real Life Catholic and provide everyone who registers for Steubenville Live with  

free access to the I AM coaching program. Real Life Catholic’s I AM 30-day coaching program (a $47 value for the program alone!).

Through this 30-day coaching program led by Chris Stefanick, you can discover how to put away the shame, insecurity, and fear that is keeping you from living a life full of freedom, joy, and purpose.  

This program is perfect for individuals, youth groups, and families alike, so we pray that it helps to deepen your faith and transform your relationship with Christ!



3 Ways You Can Register:


General Questions

Why should I attend Steubenville Live?

For what age group is Steubenville Live intended?

How much does Steubenville Live cost?

How do I register?

For which type of ticket should I register?

Why is Steubenville Live unique? Is it just another Zoom conference?

How do I access the live stream?

What are the interactive features? How do I utilize them?

Is it necessary to download and use the Steubenville Live app?

How do I download the Steubenville Live app?

Will Mass be live streamed? My parish is still closed.

Will I be able to offer prayer ministry for my teens/group?

Will there be small group time in the schedule?

What if I miss a talk while it is being live streamed? Will the talks be available after the live streamed event?

Can I pause a talk or watch it at a different time?

What are the technology requirements for me to participate in Steubenville Live?


Group Attendance

Are there additional features for those registered through a group vs. individually?

Can I add spots to my group registration, even after I have registered?

Does each person in my group need to have their own login access?

I am watching the live stream with a group. What is the best way to do this?

My group will be gathering at our parish and watching the live stream together. What is the best way to do this?

My group cannot gather together in person. What is the best way for us to participate?


Individual Attendance

I don’t have other people with whom to watch the live stream. How can I get the most out of “small group time”?

I am watching the live stream on my own. What is the best way to do this?

Family Attendance

I thought this conference was for high schoolers. Why is there a family registration option? What are the benefits of registering as a family?