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April 15, 2020 

To our Partners in Service,

For 27 consecutive summers, Catholic HEART Workcamp has resourced innumerable partnerships and individualized efforts to provide fundamental needs to countless residents throughout the United States and several international locations. Year after year, we have experienced a powerful, collective celebration of our Catholic faith as thousands of youth choose to be the hands and feet of Jesus to so many in need. CHWC exists as a vessel to serve others; we are motivated by our mission to love, serve, and connect with our surrounding communities. Considering our mission, this time of social distancing is especially difficult for us. It is with great sadness that Catholic HEART Workcamp has made the difficult decision to cancel all camps for 2020. 

There are many reasons for our decision to cancel camps, including:

  • Concern for the safety of all campers, staff members, and those we serve
  • New federal guidelines extending social distancing protocols
  • Schools and facilities closing or canceling all summer activities
  • Work project availability

Despite this substantial obstacle, Catholic HEART Workcamp is committed to our mission: 

“To share the love of Christ as we serve the neglected, brokenhearted, and the marginalized in any way needed. Equally, to inspire participants to live as disciples of Christ through serving others as a way of life; and to foster the Catholic faith of each participant through the sacraments, prayer, and involvement in social service.”

As we look to the future, we continue to pray for you and we hope you will do the same for us.



CHWC is offering your group full credit for the payments you have made thus far, including deposits, to be used toward CHWC 2021. Anyone who chooses to keep a credit for 2021 will have the option to remain registered in their current camp or change location when registration opens for 2021. In an effort to be open and honest with all of our participants, we want you to know this option assists greatly in sustaining our year-round functioning. By choosing to allow us to retain your funds for next year, you are helping to ease the financial burden that has been incurred as a result of our decision to cancel camps and, in turn, you provide us with more freedom to seamlessly continue our mission in the future.

Alternatively, we understand that some of you have already requested or will request refunds. At this time, we have paused all payments as we develop a plan that allows us to honor all refund requests while continuing to maintain our functioning budget. We fully intend to honor every refund request and we appreciate your patience as we decide on the most efficient way to do so.

We are looking at all government funding mechanisms in order to support our operations, including a payroll protection plan to keep our office staff employed full-time, but as of yet it is unclear if we will receive any aid from the government. We understand that our participants are suffering the financial implications of this unprecedented time as well, so we will keep you informed as we continue to address the financial implications of COVID-19 in solidarity with you.

We are asking every contact leader to please complete the following form by *May 15th* to let our office know which option you are requesting. Please click here to access the form. For those who have already made a request via email or phone call to our office, we ask that you still fill out the form to ensure all information is in one system. 

All of us at Catholic HEART Workcamp extend our deepest gratitude to all of our participants. You will remain in our thoughts and prayers along with everyone around the world who is being affected. Though we are still processing the reality of not having camp this year, we are eager to continue our mission in 2021. Our campers are the heartbeat of CHWC and we look forward to uniting with all of you next year as we continue serving communities in need.

In His Grace,

Steve Walker & The CHWC Office Team

For more info, please visit COVID-19 FAQs.

*Any groups who do not submit a response via the form by May 15th will automatically receive a credit for 2021 registration. (Credits will be valued at the current amount paid).