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Cremation Niche

Cremation also requires a plan. It does not eliminate the need for a formal funeral, a necessary part of the grieving process for your family and friends, nor does it eliminate the need for a final resting place.

For members of the Catholic Faith the cremated reamins of a body should be treated with the same respect given to the corporal remains. This includes the use of a worthy vessel for the cremated remains, the manner in which they re carried, the care and attention to appropriate placement and transport, and the final disposition. It is recommended that cremation take place after the funeral liturgy, however, the funeral liturgy may be celebrated in the presence of the cremated remains. Cremated remains of the body should be buried in a grave, entombed in a mausoleum, or inurned in a niche. Scattering of the cremated remains of the body is not permitted by the Catholic beliefs.

A Cremation Columbarium  is a structure, room, or other spce in an indoor mausoleum or an outdoor environment, or other building containing niches. The comumbarium niche is available in various size capacities and provides a dignified and premanent housing enclosure for the cremated remains of the body.

A Niche is a recess space in a columbarium used for the permanent placing of cremated remains of the body. The niche front can be a granite, glass, or wood front.

Glass Front
Granite Front
Wood Front
Cremation Gardens