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Parish Resources
Most PDF resources below will be translated into Spanish

Liturgical Resources - UPDATED JULY 28
See this resource for upcoming liturgical dates would be appropriate for celebrating the lives of those that were lost during the pandemic.


Memorializing Those We Have Lost 
There have been many friends and family members who have died over the last year due to COVID or otherwise. Consider how you might pray for and memorialize those lost while engaging and deeply impacting their loved ones.

Download Program PDF (Español)

Index Card Initiative 
A great way to engage parishioners to identify, pray for, and personally engage those who are not currently coming to Mass.

Download Program PDF (Español)

Transition Management
The Transition Model was presented at the Virtual Reunite Team Leader Orientation on May 18 and 19. This model will be very helpful for Reunite Teams and all parish leaders who are leading through this time of change and transition. 


Conversation Starters for Engaging Parish Leaders/Staff 
Coming soon.


Parish Resources



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