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High Schools

Is your student ready to enter high school? Our Catholic secondary schools offer an education that is personal; an environment where teachers value students as individuals with unique styles, strengths, motivations and limitations. The Diocese of Joliet offers several types of high schools: those that are sponsored by the diocese, those that are sponsored by religious congregations and independent high schools. 

Diocesan High Schools

Diocesan high schools are operated by the diocese. Each school has its own governance board. The diocese plays an important part of the operation of the school.

There are three diocesan high schools within the Diocese of Joliet. (Click on a school name to get contact information, a map and a link to the school’s website. Note that Open House dates are tentative, please check the school site for updated information including time and location.)

Bishop McNamara High School (Kankakee)

IC Catholic Prep (Elmhurst)

Providence Catholic High School (New Lenox)

Bishop McNamara High School IC Catholic Prep Providence Catholic High School