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Diocese of Joliet helps school personnel receive COVID-19 vaccines
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Diocese of Joliet Catholic Schools Curriculum Guides

Preschool Curriculum Guide
Kindergarten Curriculum Guide
Grade One Curriculum Guide
Grade Two Curriculum Guide 
Grade Three Curriculum Guide
Grades 4-5 Curriculum Guide
Grades 6-8 Curriculum Guide

Faith Formation
Devotional Project - Catetchical Lesson on Prayer

Fine Arts
Language of the Arts
Creating and Performing
Arts & Civilization

English Language Arts
Catholic Curriculum Standards for Language Arts

Mathematics Standards
Catholic Curriculum Standards for Mathematics
Physical Education
Physical Fitness
Team Building
Human Body Systems
Decision Making

Catholic Curriculum Standards for Reading

Catholic Curriculum Standards for Science

Social Science
Cathlolic Curriculum Standards for Social Science

Social Emotional
Self-awareness & Self-management Skills
Social-awareness & Interpersonal Skills
Decision-making & Responsible Behavior

Technology Skills Checklist
ISTE 2016 Technology Standards
World Languages
Communication (Goal 28)
Culture and Geography (Goal 29)
Connections (Goal 30)