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Catholic Schools Office Staff

There are a several dedicated people working for the Catholic Schools Office who ensure that all the children and young people of the Diocese have an excellent Catholic education available to them. They are responsible for developing and maintaining the curriculum that sets our students apart from the rest. Find staff names below and check back soon for their biographies!

Fr. John Belmonte, S.J., Ph.D., Superintendent - jbelmonte@dioceseofjoliet.org

Madonna Turner, Assistant Superintendent Accreditation and Planning - mturner@dioceseofjoliet.org

Dr. Colleen Bruckmann, Assistant Superintendent Curriculum & Assessment - cbruckmann@dioceseofjoliet.org 

Mary Ann Draudt, Assistant Superintendent Curriculum & Technology Integration - madraudt@dioceseofjoliet.org

Karen Udell, Assistant Superintendent Leadership & Personnel - kudell@dioceseofjoliet.org

Mercy Robb, Director of Catholic School Marketing & Enrollment Management - mrobb@dioceseofjoliet.org

Geralyn Kuban, Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent - gkuban@dioceseofjoliet.org

Lee Ryan, Staff Secretary - lryan@dioceseofjoliet.org

Catholic Education Foundation

Joseph Langenderfer, Executive Director - jlangenderfer@dioceseofjoliet.org

Shirley Roberson, Program Coordinator - sroberson@dioceseofjoliet.org

Jennifer Georgis, Director of Major Gifts - jgeorgis@dioceseofjoliet.org