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The purpose of the Archives is to collect, organize, preserve, and provide access to records and artifacts that have historical, legal or administrative value that pertain to the operation of the Diocese, its parishes, agencies, institutions and people. The Archives is established in accordance with Canon 482 which invests the Chancellor with the responsibility for the Archives. The Archivist reports to the Chancellor and is granted canonical faculties to fulfil this mandate.

The Archives is a private institutional repository, whose primary duty is to serve the Bishop, Curial offices and Catholic parishes. The Archives makes available and extends its materials to researchers as permitted by canon law, civil law and privacy considerations. The Archives also accepts inquiries for historical and genealogy research as permitted by canon law, civil law, and privacy concern.

The Archivist is a resource for information, especially in sacramental record keeping. The Archivist is the custodian for the sacramental records of most of the closed parishes of the diocese. The Archivist conducts searches for sacramental record information for individuals who are unsure of where they received their sacraments. The Archivist also performs sacramental genealogical research for individuals, alleviating the burden on parish administrative personnel.

The Diocesan archives are handled by the Chancery & Tribunal Secretariat: 815-221-6100

Email: archivist@dioceseofjoliet.org