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2019 -2021

In 1993 the Diocese of Joliet first formed a Diocesan Review Committee to review allegations of sexual misconduct by clergy. While the functions of the committee and its membership has developed over the years, the basic purpose remains unchanged.  The committee has adopted the title Review Board and acts in an advisory capacity to the diocesan bishop.  The functions include advising the bishop in his assessment of allegations of sexual abuse of minors, reviewing policies for dealing ith the sexual abuse of minors and offering advise on other issues related to the sexual abuse of minors.  The members represent expertise in areas of law enforcement, mental health, child advocacy and social services. Review Board members serve without compensation. 


Hon. Robert Baron – (Chair)

Mrs. Cruz Arzuaga

Mrs. Karen Hanisch

Mr. Stephen Marth

Rev. James Murphy

Deacon Terrance Neary

Mr. William Sheehan

Mrs. Maureen Sullivan Taylor

Ms. Susan Wood O'Leary

Consultants to the Review Board are: 

Rev. Joseph Tapella (Canonical Consultant)

Mrs. Leah Heffernan (Dir. Child & Youth Protection)