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Every cleric, diocesan employee, or volunteer who is involved with minors or vulnerable adults and those who may have an opportunity to be alone with minors or vulnerable adults during parish, school, or religious education sponsored events, are required to attend a VIRTUS Protecting God’s Children program.

Of all the safe environment programs available, Protecting God's Children was selected for the Diocese of Joliet. It was determined to be the best possible program primarily because it is comprehensive, professional and appealing.

See workshop schedule

PGC Overview (English)
PGC Overview (Spanish)

PGC Trifold - VIRTUS Protecting God's Children - Quick Reference Guide

See parent handbook (English) or parent handbook (Spanish) - VIRTUS Practical Guide for Parents on Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

For more information about the VIRTUS® PROCTECTING GOD'S CHILDREN™ Program,
see: http://www.virtus.org.


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