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Frequently Asked Questions

Request for Audience with the Pope

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To request tickets for a Papal Audience,
please email the information to at
mail to: ldimas@dioceseofjoliet.org

To request tickets for INDIVIDUALS, please provide

The name (s) of the person (s) who wish to attend the audience

The date of the audience

The number of tickets needed

The name of the parish you belong to and the number of years you have been a parishioner

The address and phone number and email address


To request tickets for GROUPS (10 or more persons), please provide

The name of the parish or organization the group represents**

The date of the audience

The number of tickets they would like

The name of the group leader**

The city and state where they are from**

**This information is necessary to have the group publicly announced at the Papal audience.
If it cannot be provided, the group will still receive the requested tickets.


To request tickets for NEWLYWEDS, please provide

Full name of Groom

Full (maiden) name of Bride

Date of marriage

Name and location of the church

Name of the priest presiding at the wedding

Date that they wish to attend the Papal audience

The couple needs to bring a copy of the Sacramental Marriage Certificate signed by their priest
within 2 month of their marriage to the Papal audience.