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Parish Ministries

Consider Starting a Job Ministry in your Parish

The Diocesan Employment Resource Center continues to offer guidance and support to many members within the Diocese of Joliet who are seeking employment. We are looking to expand the Job Ministry Program within the Diocese. If your parish would be interested in forming a Job Ministry team please contact us at the Diocesan Employment Resource Center (DERC) on how to get started. derc@cc-doj.org

The importance of starting a Job Ministry in your Parish: Click Below


 Parish Job Ministries

St. Joan of Arc Parish in Lisle, Illinois

Our focus is to help clients with employment that meets their financial needs.  After a careful assessment of their needs through our closely aligned Walk-In Ministry and our St. Vincent de Paul Conference, we refer clients to Job Clubs etc. and attempt to match clients with available jobs in our area.  Also, we help with transportation, work clothing etc.  Please contact the SJA Parish Center @ 630 353-4522.


St. Michael in Wheaton, Illinois

The St. Michael Parish Job Search Coaching Network (JSCN) provides one-on-one coaching to unemployed St. Michael parishioners.  The coaching focuses on job search strategy, and in particular on an approach to expanding the network of contacts, a key to success in the job search.

Our coaches are parishioners who have experience in a variety of career fields.  The JSCN attempts to match job candidates to coaches based on similarity of backgrounds and on specific needs.

Representatives of parishes wishing to learn more about our ministry are encouraged to send an e-mail to stmikejscn@gmail.com, or to call Bill Matte (630-877-7026) or Dan Kinsella (630-248-1645).


Our Lady of Mercy in Aurora, Illinois

The Our Lady of Mercy jobs ministry is also known as "Helping Our Neighbor in Need". Our job ministry is dedicated to providing networking assistance, guidance, and awareness of the various resources available throughout the local area.

Our ministry was formed on the simple premise of supporting our unemployed and underemployed parishioners. We support these parishioners professionally, emotionally, and spiritually. We also leverage other parishioners and professional contacts who have knowledge of job openings and/or have the ability to hire. Our mission is simple: connect people who know about jobs while also providing guidance and linkage to information.

Our Lady of Mercy – Committee meets as needed; contact Deacon Tim Kueper tkueper5@yahoo.com    

Representatives of parishes wishing to learn more about our ministry are encouraged to send an e-mail to Jim Gamache at jbgamache@comcast.net or Christine Kieta at christine.kieta@gmail.com  


St. Thomas the Apostle in Naperville, Illinois

The Jobs Ministry at St. Thomas is a faith-based ministry designed to assist unemployed job seekers find meaningful employment. Our Jobs Ministry aim is to provide the tools necessary to find employment. Some of the tools to full employment include: weekly meetings on Fridays to review resumes and network, monthly and Friday meetings with a guest speaker providing  a variety of suggestions on how to seek employment, Six Sigma quality training and certification, and job leads obtained from various web sites and networking groups. In addition St. Thomas offers one on one job search tuneups with a Human Resources executive recruiter.

For more information please contact Chuck Dolan at chuck_dolan@ymail.com

St. Thomas the Apostle – First 3 Friday’s 9:30 am – noon & Fourth Wednesday at 7:00 pm    


St. Raphael Catholic Church in Naperville, Illinois

Career networking meeting held on the 4th Saturday of each month from 9 - 12. For further information, contact Steve Susina at steve@susina.com   

St. Raphael – 4th Saturday 9:00 am – noon    

St. Joseph the Worker Employment Ministry in Glen Ellyn, Illinois


We are a not-for-profit organization in existence for over 20 years, dedicated to providing unemployed, under-employed, and networking employed people with the coaching, skills, techniques, and emotional & spiritual support to help them find their next job.

Our community outreach programs have assisted thousands of people in all areas related to making career changes. The meetings often include a featured speaker with practical advice on a variety of topics including: job search strategies, effective networking, resume preparation and critiquing, interviewing skills and techniques, dealing with COBRA and health insurance, starting your own business, personal finance/budgeting and many other topics to assist job seekers in a variety of areas. There are also networking opportunities at each meeting.

Please share our website and information with friends that may benefit from St. Joseph the Worker Meetings.

Meeting Schedule 2013

Meetings are 7-9 PM First/Third Wednesday each month.

We have two meeting locations:

First Wednesday - St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church, 1450 Green Trails Drive, Room #17,  Naperville IL 

Third Wednesday - Southminster Presbyterian Church, 680 South Park Avenue, Glen Ellyn IL 

St. Hubert’s

2nd and 4th Monday  http://www.sainthubert.org/job-networking    


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