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Fellowship for you

Young Adult Ministry (link) - is a program of the Diocese of Joliet seeks to provide programs, events, resources and opportunities for young adults directly but also for priests and parish staff, volunteers and other church groups and organizations in the Diocese working with young adults.

Youth Ministry (link) - is the outreach to teens and adolescents in junior high and high school, in the years before men and women reach young adulthood. Ideally, there is a seamless transition between Youth and Young Adult Ministry for those in their late teens. 

Campus Ministry (link) - is the outreach to college-age young adults (approx. age 18 to 25) on the college campuses around the Diocese of Joliet. Young Adult Ministry and Campus Ministry work cooperatively in the evangelization of young adults in their late teens and early twenties. 

Pastoral Juvenil (link) is young adult minsitry in the Hispanic community, and covers those who are both teens and twenty-somethings (called "jovenes" in Spanish). 

Family Ministry (link) - is an outreach and resource for all Catholic couples who are engaged or married. Many young adult couples connect with this ministry through sacraments of marriage and baptism. 

Religious Education (link) - is the faith formation and evangelization of all Catholics, including the catechesis of children and adults (see "Adult Faith Formation" above). Young adults experience this ministry if they have children in faith formation classes, if they are catechists themselves, or if they are involved in the parish-wide faith formation opporunties in their community. 

Vocations (link) - is a ministry of discernment for those, including many young adults, who are looking to become pastoral leaders in the Catholic Church, especially as priests or religious sisters and brothers. 

Justice & Peace Ministry (link) - is a ministry that resources parishes and Catholic leaders for the work of social justice in the world today. Young adults who hunger for peace, justice, and charity work connect with this ministry for opportunities to serve and reach out to those in need.

Council of Catholic Women (link) - We are women of all ages and stages of life throughout the diocese, who are working to "know God, love Him, and serve Him".  Most of us work in local parish councils.