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Natural Family Planning Week

July 25 - July 31, 2021


   In celebration of Natural Family Planning Week (July 25-31), the Parishes in the Diocese of Joliet received the 2021 Natural Family Planning Media Kit from the Office of Family Ministry to celebrate NFP Awareness Week (July 25- July 31, 2021) which includes:  Natural Family Planning basic information, couples’ stories, videos, and sample bulletin briefs. This main web link:            Media Kit | USCCB will allow you to also access NFP 2021 announcements and web graphics.

   The Diocese of Joliet will also be purchasing a selection of very attractive NFP posters. We are happy to mail one or more free posters to you if you contact us at 815-838-5334 or email us at: familyministry@dioceseofjoliet.org.

   Thank you for taking the time to spread the word about Catholic Social Teaching on marriage and Natural Family Planning.

NFP Holmily Notes in English/Spanish (Diocese of Phoenix, 2021)

Notas de la homilía de PFN en español (Diocese of Phoenix, 2021)