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Please see the links below for some wonderful information and stories on dating, marriage and family life.

*English : https://www.foryourmarriage.org/

*Spanish: https://portumatrimonio.org/alimenta-tu-matrimonio/










Step 1: Contact your Parish

  • The requirements for marriage preparation are set by the pastors of each parish.  Your pastor (or his delegate) will explain all the requirements for the marriage preparation process at his parish.
  • Please contact the parish where you plan to be married at least six months in advance to set-up a meeting and reserve your wedding date.

Step 2: Take a Marriage Preparation Inventory

  • You will be asked to complete a marriage preparation inventory to facilitate discussion about your goals for married life, values, habits and expectations.
  • This tool will highlight many of the strengths and growth areas in your relationship, and help you to discover and discuss these important areas as a couple.

Step 3: Attend a Marriage Preparation Workshop approved by your pastor

  • Your parish-based program
  • Catholic Engaged Encounter – This is a weekend program of input, reflection, and dialogue offered at the diocesan level for couples who are preparing to marry.  Led by trained married couples and a priest, engaged couples are led through a process of self-discovery, relationship deepening, and spiritual connection. Approximately 300 couples who attend the Catholic Engaged Encounter weekend each year give the program high evaluations.
  • Any other workshop/retreat approved by your pastor

Step 4: Complete any additional requirements from the Parish where you are getting married

Additional options available: