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Diocesan Property / Liability / Workers Compensation Insurance Program

These Diocese of Joliet self-insured programs are administered by are partners at Catholic Mutual Group. The Catholic Mutual Group office located at the Blanchette Catholic Center can be reached at 815-838-2142.

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The following bulletins were issued by Catholic Mutual:

     Accident Report Form - employee
     Accident Report Form - nonemployee
     Addendum to Service Contract
     Adult Waiver & Medical Permission Form
     Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs)
     Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) Maintenance Checklist
     Boiler Inspection-Travelers
     Business Security
     Carbon Monoxide Alarm Detector Act
     Carbon Monoxide Detectors in Schools
     Certificates of Insurance and Special Events Coverage
     Copyright Compliance
     Copyright Guidelines
     Defensive Driving Training Instructions
     Facility Usage / Indemnity Agreement (D-6.1 )
     Field Trip Risk Management
     Flood Prevention
     Frozen Pipe Prevention Measures
     Guidelines for Parish Festivals
     Heating Boiler Start-Up Check List
     Heating Boiler Log
     Home Repair Guidelines    
     Homeowner Release of Liability
     How Do I Know If My Parish Has Been Named As An Additional Insured
     Ice and Snow Removal Procedures
     Internet / Cyber Security
          Cyber Security Practices
          Cyber Security Tips
          Data Protection Policy
          Network Security Policy
          Network Security Recommendations
          Ransomware Virus Protection
     Liquor Liability Control Guidelines
     Liquor Usage Guidelines
     On-line Risk Management Safety Training Instructions
     Perpetual Adoration Creates Exposure to Loss
     Playground - General Guidelines
     Playground Equipment Safety Inspection Checklist 
     Playground Maintenance Checklist
     School Safety Resource Manual
     School Violence Prevention and Preparedness Plan
     Scrip Handling Guidelines
     Security and Crime Prevention
     Self Inspection Report
     Special Events Application (D-6.2)
     Steps to Reduce Roof Leaks
     Summer Maintenance Checklist
     Tornado-Severe Weather Emergencies
     Transportation Policy
          Adult Liability Waiver
     TV Cart Safety
     Van Use Policy
     Volunteer Coordinator Manual
     Water Damage Procedures
     Workmen's Compensation Reporting Procedure