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How Do I Hear God's Call In My Life?-Father Burke Masters


Vocation comes from a Latin word meaning “calling”.  Usually when we hear the word vocation, we think only of priests and religious.  However, every single person in the world is called by God to love and serve Him.  There are four types of vocations:  priesthood, religious life, marriage and single life.  All of these vocations are ways in which we reach heaven.

The key to finding our vocation is prayer.  Our world is full of distractions—TV, internet, cell phones, texting, IPods, commercials, Twitter, etc.  Very few people take the time to pray in silence every day because we might be afraid silence.  We encounter God and who we really are in the eyes of God in the silence and this might frighten us.  However, it is in this silence that the Lord speaks directly to our hearts.

So if your heart is restless and you are trying to find your way in life, take time to pray.  Find a church or adoration chapel and take some time in silence with the Lord.

Other recommendations include attending daily Mass, going to confession, reading the Gospels, praying the rosary, finding a spiritual director, reading the spiritual classics and hanging around good people who support your faith life.

If you are thinking about priesthood, I would encourage you to take part in some of the events we offer in the Diocese of Joliet.  You are not alone in searching for your calling by God.