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Lea y Conozca más sobre el Ministerio Hispano en la Diócesis

  • January 2017

Responding to the Pope’s Call for a Missionary and Evangelizing Encounter

The Encuentro is a four-year process of ecclesial reflection and action that invites all Catholics in the United States to intense missionary activity, consultation, leadership development, and identification of best ministerial practices in the spirit of the New evangelization. (Read here)

  • October 2017

Grant Allows Young Adult Latinos to attend the National Leadership Program (Read here)

 Diocese of Joliet Partners with Catholic Theological Union to Offer Oscar Romero Scholars Program. (Read here)

  • February 2019:

Doing Ministry Latinamente

After the recent historical celebration of the V National Encuentro of Hispanic/Latino ministry, a thought came to mind: is there any blueprint to do ministry uniquely Latino? (Read here)

  • May 2019

Diocesan Delegation Meets in D.C. to talk about Social Justice issues – and Missionary Discipleship. (Read here)

  • February 2020

My Missionary Discipleship Journey to Liberia

  We are all called to be missionary disciples. Not my original thought, but the Church’s; Pope Francis in his apostolic exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium (the Joy of the Gospel) affirms: “In virtue of their baptism, all the members of the People of God have become missionary disciples. (Read here)

  • Febrero 2020

Mi Viaje de Discipulado Misionero en Liberia

Todos estamos llamados a ser discipulos misioneros. No una idea original mía, sino de la Iglesia; Papa Francisco en la exhortación apostólica, La Alegría del Evangelio: “En Virtud del Bautismo recibido, cada miembro del Pueblo de Dios se ha convertido en discipulo misionero. (leer el artículo)

  • July 2020

 A Church that Goes Forth – Via Video Conference

 At the end of every December, I take time to reflect on what happened during the year and set goals for the new one. Last December was not different. I set goals for my personal, academic, and professional life – not too many: no more than three — that would guide me throughout the year with focused attention. Then COVID-19 entered our daily lexicons. My personal and academic goals needed adaptation, but my professional ministerial goals went into complete disarray. (Read here)

  • August 2020

 A Learning Approach to Racism

Our nation is still mourning the murder of George Floyd. The unjustifiable excess of violence that caused Mr. Floyd’s death precipitated more violence and exacerbated the tensions and division the U.S. has always experienced. We continue turning away from each other, siloed in our groups, unwilling to dialogue and build community: isolation fuels ignorance, indifference, and fear. (Read here) 

  • December 2020

The Diocese of Joliet Selected to Partner with Leadership Roundtable to Train Hispanic Leaders
After a nationwide search, the Leadership Roundtable — a Washington, D.C.-based non-profit organization that promotes best practices and accountability in the management, finances, communications, and human resources development of the Catholic Church in the U.S., including greater incorporation of the expertise of the laity — selected the Diocese of Joliet as a partner for an inaugural cohort of the organization’s Latino Pastoral Leaders Initiative (LPLI). (Read here)

  • Diciembre 2020

Diócesis de Joliet se Asociará con Para Capacitar a Líderes Hispanos

 Después de una búsqueda a nivel nacional, Leadership Roundtable seleccionó a la diócesis de Joliet para establecer el programa piloto de la Iniciativa de Líderes Pastorales Latinos. (Read here)

  • March 2021

The Insticts of our Faith

 I am pleasantly surprised with the reponse of the large number of people connecting in online prayer rooms. (Read here)

  • Marzo 2021:

La Intuición de la Fe

 El primero, sensus fidei, se refiere a la certeza de los creayentes de las verdades fundamentals de la fe. (leer el artículo)

  • Octubre 2021

'This is our moment': Latino Pastoral Leadership Initiative expands with second cohort (article)