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Prioridad Pastoral / Pastoral Priority Jovenes Banner

On October 6th the Diocesan Pastoral Team agreed to work on the following/El 6 de octubre el Equipo Diocesano Pastoral acordaron trabajar en lo siguiente:

The action planning process that was proposed and implemented, followed the following steps:  

  1.  Identifying Achievement

 This exercise creates a short-term visual vision of the results, their impact, and the projects to reach that vision. 

    • Jóvenes.  A family-centered ministry with the intentional involvement of the jóvenes, as an integral element of the family, not as two separate entities.

    Identifying Latin@ Young Adult Achievements table

    2.  S.W.O.T. Analysis  

    The SWOT matrix is an analysis tool that can be applied to any situation that is acting as an object of study at a certain moment in time.  It is as if you were taking an "x-ray" of a specific situation that you are studying. SWOT is an acronym for Strengths, Opportunities, Weaknesses and Threats. Strengths and weaknesses are the attributes that are brought (internal), while opportunities and threats are the attributes found in the context (external)


    3.  Group dialogue

     This step is based on the vision and the SWOT exercise to focus the group on what they are willing to commit to achieve. Declaring the commitment ensures that the group's plans are reality-based, realistic and inspiring, and creates a basis for success. In the light of today's reality, what is the achievement to which the group is going to commit? (This is creating the goal for the year.  Here's a variation between the long-term conversation to a concrete conversation for the year. It is also noteworthy that it is not a question of creating "work" for other people, but it is a conversation that opens spaces for the participants to take responsibility for the implementation of the plan.)

      • Brainstorming appropriate and necessary concrete actions to complete the annual achievement
      • Organization of ideas with similar intentions
      • Creating an image or slogan that inspire the group

    Current Latin@ Young Adult Situation Table

    4. Scheduling actions (Including quarterly monitoring dates.)  

    By scheduling the actions in the projections list, the sequence of actions is visually displayed, including the activity of origin, ongoing activities and how the victory will be seen that have been committed when completed.  This step also names the people who assume responsibility for making the activity a reality.

      •  Organizing and naming implementation teams

    Latin@ young adult annual calendar

    First quarter Latin@ Young Adult activities




    What is LYANLYAN is a network of Latin@ young adults (18+) in the Diocese of Joliet
    Purpose of LYAN: Who want to connect with other latino/as to share our culture, faith and give back to the Catholic Community

    How: By putting leadership into action

    If your parish community is trying to form a group of Latin@ young adults and needs support, contact Elizabeth Becerra: elzbth.sanchez@gmail.com  or Jorge Rivera jrivera@dioceseofjoliet.org


    Like us on Facebook!/¡Danos un Like en Facebook!


    LYAN is a support network of support for latin@ young adults in the Diocese of Joliet Adult Network

    Upcoming hosted LYAN Events!




    These are some past LYAN hosted Events:

    • LYAN leaders organized a retreat Pascua Juvenil for St Felipe Parish at the Diocese of Tennesse
    @ St. Felipe Parish in Tennesse
    • A movie and reflection night on the life of Blessed Oscar Romero 

    • A local Pascua Juvenil Reflection