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Biblical Institute of the Diocese of Joliet

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The Biblical Institute of the Diocese of Joliet (BIDJ) is a 4-year program that meets weekly during the school year. Students earn certificates in Basic Biblical Studies (2 years) and Advanced Biblical Studies (4 years). New students starting Fall 2021 will meet virtually on Thursdays, 7:00pm - 9:00pm. or Saturdays, 9:00am - 11:00am at Our Lady of Mercy Parish, Aurora.

**This year, Year 1 classes will be held virtually via Zoom.  All other classes are meeting in person, unless the restrictions tighten.  Then those classes will meet via Zoom as well.


BIDJ 2021-2022
Dates: September, 2021 - May, 2022
Meets: weekly
$525 for program year
Program Coordinator: Joan Gorski


About the BIDJ

2020-2021 Informational Brochure

Testimonials:  Hear what our students have to say about BIDJ

Sample a short lecture on the Book of Revelation

Dates TBA 

The Biblical Institute of the Diocese of Joliet is a 4-year program to study every book of the Bible. We use one of the best Catholic Bible studies ever developed for learning Scripture in a systematic way, the Catholic Biblical School Program (Paulist Press). Students earn certificates in Basic Biblical Studies (2 years) and Advanced Biblical Studies (4 years), from this nationally recognized program.

Try the first two years (Old Testament and New Testament Foundations) and decide later whether to stay for Years 3 and 4 (the rest of the Bible).  Please note our existing site, St. Margaret Mary Parish, Naperville, welcomes NEW students to join in Year 2.

The Biblical Institute is for everyone! Some of our students serve their parishes as catechists, lectors, or Bible study facilitators. Many people join us with no Bible study background at all. If you bring a commitment to learning and a desire for deeper understanding of God’s Word, we’ll give you what you need to successfully participate in the program. We also welcome interested fellow Christians, so mention us to neighbors and friends!

You’ll study the Bible as a whole and in its parts from a Catholic point of view, with experienced teachers, and within a Catholic faith community.

Sites for 2021-2022:

Year 1 - Old Testament Foundations: Genesis through Kings
Classes meet online via Zoom
Thursdays, 7-9pm

Year 2 - New Testament Foundations: Jesus and Discipleship
Our Lady of Mercy, Aurora
Saturdays, 9-11am

Year 3 - Old Testament Continued: Exile and Restoration
Cathedral of St Raymond Nonnatus, Joliet
Wednesdays, 7-9pm

Year 4 - Old and New Testaments Concluded: The Word in the Hellenistic World
St Thomas the Apostle, Naperville
Mondays, 7-9pm


Congratulations to the 2021 Graduates!


Learn more:
An Interview with Joan Gorski, Instructor and Coordinator
What We Study: A Four-Year Plan (PDF) (Word)
Frequently Asked Questions


Registration for new & returning students:
New students may register for either Year 1 or Year 2. New students may only join Year 3 with previous advanced Biblical Studies.  If you have questions, please call us at the Office of Adult Formation at 815-221-6147.




One-Time Payment: $525




Subscribe to Installment Plan with PayPal: 5 monthly payments of $110



Want to study God's Word right now, in your own parish community? Try our Parish Bible Study page.