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Biblical Institute Student Testimonials

What our students have to say about their experience with BIDJ.

“Because I first attended Bible studies that were not Catholic-based, my previous view of the Bible was focused much more on the literal translation and applying it to our lives. This year has helped me see how the Church studies the Bible and has put all I previously learned into perspective. When I first started Bible study, I was what St. Paul would have called an infant that was fed milk because I was not able to take in solid food (1Cor 3:2), but now I feel as though I am truly ready for the "meatiness" of the Bible as seen through the Catholic filter."
Linda H, Class of 2013

“I have loved exploring and to experience further the teachings of God and the unfolding of this love story between God and His people. It is costly in that it takes time and energy, but why in the world would I cheat myself of the greatest story ever told and these classes were the most vibrantly taught lessons I have encountered over 2 MA degrees and years of study, praying, and learning.”
Mary M., Class of 2013

 “We have been learning Scripture from a Catholic understanding according to Church documents. The hundreds of connections between the Old Testament and New Testament make the Mass come alive as never before.
David F., class of 2013

 “Hearing the readings at Mass, brings joy and new meaning to my life.  The homilies bring new insights that I would never have fully understood before.  As a Director of Religious Education, I am able to pass on this information to the Catechists, which enables them to bring the Bible alive to the children. “  
Theresa P, class of 2014

“One of the reasons that helped me decide to enroll in the Biblical Institute Study was that it would be taught from a Catholic perspective and would be taught by my own diocese and by Catholic instructors. This surely would give me the Catholic view and understanding of how to read and interpret the Bible. Our belief is the Bible is a book of the Church.”
Jim P., class of 2016

 “I am in awe of the knowledge our teachers possess.  The lectures keep us all spellbound.  They teach the class in such a way that understanding dawns.”
Kitty V., class of 2016

 “Since the Catholic faith is founded on Scripture, Tradition and Apostolic teaching; knowledge of our faith requires knowledge of the Bible.  The BIDJ is an excellent way to grow in Bible literacy”
Marge P., Class of 2016

 “The past years in the Biblical Institute have been the most challenging, awesome, and prayerful time I’ve ever experienced. The knowledge and resources have already been useful in the bible studies I’ve organized, small faith group, RCIA, and parish and inter‐parish events.” Lynn S., class of 2016

 “I have found that, as a result of my participation in this program, the substance of my preaching has improved.  I believe that my homilies are more complete because I am better able to put the specific weekend readings into context, both culturally and spiritually.  For sixteen years, I have been part of jail ministry at Cook County Jail connected with Kolbe House.  Through the Biblical Institute, I have received insights along with a greater familiarity with the whole of scripture.  These insights and knowledge have helped me minister with the men and women at the jail who are experiencing a challenging and difficult time while they are incarcerated.”
Deacon Phil G., class of 2016

 “My experiences and what we have learned has served to nurture me in so many ways.”
Art A., class of 2017

 “Working in groups, we helped each other learn. My tablemates have become my friends.”
Bob K., class of 2018