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Action Steps for Life

Action Steps for Life

How is God calling you to foster a culture of life?




Spiritual Adoption: Pray for a child in danger of Abortion with a prayer inspired by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

Pray peacefully at an abortion clinic to offer hope to families and be a sign of God’s mercy for those suffering after abortion. 

Pray that those suffering after abortion find hope and healing in the Lord.

Pray the 9 Days for Life Novena: The U.S. bishops’ annual Respect Life novena, 9 Days for Life, will take place Wednesday, January 19 – Thursday, January 27 but you are welcome to pray the novena throughtout the year. Resources are available at: 9daysforlife.com



Contact elected officials to advocate for life. 

State level: Follow up on the repeal of Parental Notice with your legislator. Sadly the repeal of parental notice passed both the Illinois House and Senate.

Federal Level: Save the Hyde Amendment 




Host a pro-life Movie Night & Discussion. (Contact Respect Life Ministry for ideas and materials)

Host a pro-life speaker.

Explore the educational materials in the Respect Life Program, including a reflection on St. Joseph.

Read a post-abortive testimony and pray for healing.


Pastoral Care:

Find your local pregnancy Resource Center and/or House of Hospitality: Make a visit to establish a relationship and learn how you can be a part of the mission to help families. Host a donation drive for families’ needs or volunteer at the center. 

Spread the Word about Hope and Healing after abortion through Project Rachel Ministry.

Visit residents at a Nursing Home. 

Offer to help or visit a family that is struggling in some way.

Send a note of appreciation to someone who cherishes and defends life. 

Carry out the Walking with Moms In Need initiative at your parish to assist pregnant and parenting mothers. 



Contact Respect Life Ministry at (815) 221-6251 or prolife@dioceseofjoliet.org with ideas or questions. 

May Christ guide you as you share the Gospel of Life.