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Missionary Cooperative Plan Policies and Procedures


Following is information to assist visiting missionaries participating in the MCP.

Suitability Forms:  All organizations must complete the required application and submit letters of suitability. 

Parish: contact Pastors of your assigned parish no later than April 15, personally or by letter, to arrange the date of the appeal.

Scheduled Visits: Appeals may be scheduled May 1 – September 31. Once you receive your assigned parishes complete the enclosed form giving the dates of your appeals and the name of the missionary. Return this form no later than April 15 by fax or mail to the Mission office.

Confirm Visits: please confirm your visit to the Parish two weeks prior to the agreed upon designated date. 

The Collection:  The manner of taking up the collection must have the approval of the pastor.  Donor envelopes are not to be taken from the parishes, nor a list of names of contributors. Envelopes with the group’s mailing address are not allowed. Our office will provide collection envelopes at the request of the parish. At the time of the appeal, no subscriptions to magazines or periodicals are to be promised or solicited.  No child sponsorships or other relationships may be solicited.

Homily: Missionary groups must send their best communicator.  It is important that the speaker be able to communicate clearly in English and make a dynamic, persuasive appeal. Since the Missionary Cooperation Plan is sponsored for the education of Catholics of the Diocese of Joliet, every parish assigned should be visited.  The homily is not to exceed ten to twelve minutes.  Missionaries are asked to relate their missionary message to the Sunday readings, when possible.  Please use specific examples of your life and work in mission countries.

Transportation: Participants have agreed to provide their own transportation while in the Diocese.  Parishes are not responsible for transportation or lodging unless agreed upon by the local pastor.   Large sections of the diocese are rural and bus and train service is not readily available. 

Housing:  Missionaries who wish to reside in the parish rectory must make known to the Pastor when suggesting a date for the appeal.

All proceeds from the appeal are to be sent to the Missions Office.  Any sum of money given directly to the missionary speaker is considered part of the Missionary Cooperative Appeal and must be left with the pastor and forwarded to the Missions Office.  Likewise, any money sent directly to the missionary group from the parish is to be returned to the Office for the Missions.  NO CHECK WILL BE WRITTEN TO AN INDIVIDUAL. Checks will be written in the name of the diocese, congregation, or organization. It will then be mailed to the US contact. 

Questions about the collection should be addressed to the Missions Office.   Failure to follow these policies and procedures will result in exclusion from future Mission Cooperative Plan in the Diocese of Joliet in Illinois. 

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