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Missionary Cooperative Plan Collection Procedures - Parish Guidelines

If the Collection is for a Mission Appeal

The Missionary Cooperation Plan [MCP] Weekend Appeal Collection is different from other Diocesan collections and requires handling in a different manner. To ensure proper accounting and distribution of funds to the Mission group the following administrative guidelines are provided for your information.

  1. The person doing the mission appeal gives a letter of certification attesting to his/her authenticity to the pastor or parish administrator. For priests we must have a Letter of Suitability from the priest's bishop, bishop's delegate or religious superior. For religious women or lay people a Letter of Recommendation is required. Either letter needs to confirm the person does not have a criminal background. These documents must also have been sent directly to the Joliet Diocese Mission Office by the organization before an appeal can be made in the parish.
  2. The collection is not taken up by the person doing the mission appeal.
  3. The collection is not given to the person doing the mission appeal nor sent directly to the Mission Group.
  4. Please note that it is our policy that Mission Groups may not solicit subscriptions, envelopes, memberships or in any way gather names and addresses at the MCP Appeal Weekend. Pastors are asked to notify this Office if this occurs. Mission Groups have been made aware of this policy.
  5. Our office will provide envelopes for the MCP appeal for those parishioners who want to contribute at a later date. Please make these envelopes available at the end of the pews.
  6. The collection is counted and deposited in the parish account.
  7. Within two weeks of the collection being taken up a check is to be sent to the Office for Human Dignity - Missions.  It is made out to the “Diocese of Joliet – Missions” with "Mission Appeal" in the Memo line.
  8. Once the funds from the parishes have been sent to the Mission Office they are recorded and sent to the Mission Appeal Cause and the parish receives a receipt for the funds.
  9. If someone comes to a parish and wants to speak on behalf of a group in order to collect funds they need to contact the Office for Human Dignity - Missions so that their authenticity can be verified. Even if a parishioner knows a bishop, priest, religious sister, religious brother or layperson who wants to speak in a parish they cannot do any fundraising if they do not follow the procedures outlined above. For the safety of the parish do not allow anyone to collect funds in if you have not checked out their identity and authenticity.
  10. If the person doing the mission appeal is a citizen of another country and is in the US with a B1 or B2 visitors visa or a student visa, all immigration laws regarding fund raising must be followed carefully. Questions on these matters should be directed to the Vicar for Priests.

If there are any questions about the Mission Cooperation Plan Appeal Weekend parish collection or anything related to the MCP, please contact Sister Nancy Schramm at (815) 221-6257 or email at: nschramm@dioceseofjoliet.org

Thank you for your participation in the Missionary Cooperation Plan!

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World Mission Sunday Collection 

World Mission Sunday is celebrated throughout the world in October of each year. It is taken up under the auspices of the Pontifical Mission Societies for the needs of the Church throughout the world. After the collection is taken up the parish sends a check to the Joliet Diocese Finance Office. It should be made payable to the “Diocese of Joliet” with "World Mission Sunday" in the memo line. Please send the check within two weeks because the financial year of  Joliet Diocese Missions ends in December because we must report to the National Office of the Pontifical Mission Societies.