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                                                   Adult Confirmation

Adult Catholics will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation on the dates listed below .  Only the Adult Catholics, their families, sponsors and the Catechumenate team will be invited to this ceremony.

The celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation for adults 18 years old and older who were baptized Catholic, who  have already received First Eucharist or who have not received First Eucharist will take place at the Cathedral of St Raymond on Sunday at 2:00.  (For exceptional reasons a pastor may request delegation from the Bishop to confirm adult Catholics who also have not as yet received First Eucharist).  Should help be needed in planning for the catechesis of these adults, please contact the Office of Divine Worship and Catechumenate (815) 221-6229.

 Current Year:  April 18, 2021
 Next Year:
 May 15 & June 05, 2022


Please select link:  Adult Confirmation Form (TBD)


Please contact the Office of Divine Worship & Catechumenate with questions and inquiries.