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In addition to Economic Justice for All: Pastoral Letter on Catholic Social Teaching and the U.S. Economy, you may also be interested in reading the following documents issued by the USCCB:

Labor Day Statement - September 2014

Worsening Economic Inequality - February 2014

Just Wage and the Federal Minimum Wage - February 2014

A Decade After “Economic Justice for All:”Continuing Principles, Changing Context, New Challenges

A Catholic Framework for Economic Life

A Place at the Table


Catholic Social Justice Teachings on Economic Justice

Pope Leo XIII issued Rerum Novarum – On the Condition of Labor  in 1891.  It is the first of the social justice encyclicals.  Its main holdings are: as many working people and their families are destitute, workers’ have the right to organize to seek just wages and working conditions; the concentration of wealth hurts society; governments have an obligation to protect families and provide for the poor.

For a brief review of other pertinent documents:

A Summary of Pertinent Catholic Social Justice Teachings on Economic Justice


Additional Resources

Learn about efforts of the Catholic Church to address poverty in the United States and throughout the world:

  • Catholic Campaign for Human Development  -


PovertyUSA website www.PovertyUSA.org and www.PobrezaUSA.org

This website is an initiative of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, the domestic anti-poverty program of the Catholic bishops in the United States.

Policies that Help (www.povertyusa.org/we-can-make-a-difference/policies-that-help/ ) Learn about policy changes that can make a difference in the lives of persons living in poverty, and take action.

  • Catholic Relief Services


  • Catholic Charities USA


  • National Catholic Rural Life Conference


Learn how the Catholic Church advocates for policies that address the root causes of poverty both in the United States and throughout the world.

  • Domestic Issues


  • International Issues


  • Catholics Confront Global Poverty


Read what others are saying about income inequality.