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Catholic Campaign for Human Development

CCHD Overview | Grant Criteria and Guidelines | 2014 - 2015 Grantees | Application


  1. The activity for which funding is requested must conform to the moral and social teachings of the Catholic Church.
  2. The applicant organization must demonstrate both the intention and capacity to effectively work toward the elimination of the root causes of poverty and to enact institutional change. CCHD defines institutional change as:
    1. Modification of existing laws and/or policies;
    2. Establishment of participatory and just social structures and/or redistribution of decision-making powers so that people living in poverty can be involved in policy-making that affects their lives.
  3. The organization’s efforts must benefit people living in poverty. At least 50 percent of those benefiting from the organization’s efforts must be people experiencing poverty.
  4. People living in poverty must have the dominant voice in the organization. At least 50 percent of those who plan, implement and make policy, hire and fire staff (e.g., the Board of Directors, etc.) should be persons who are involuntarily poor (clergy, VISTA volunteers, students, etc. are considered by CCHD to be voluntarily poor).
  5. The organization should demonstrate ongoing leadership development because it is considered essential to the strength, depth and sustainability of the organization.
  6. The organization should demonstrate a clear vision for development of financial capacity that might include membership dues, grassroots fundraising, foundation and/or corporate support.
  7. The organization must be fully nonpartisan when engaging in political activities. Organizations engaged in partisan political activity are not eligible.


  1. The organization’s efforts should directly benefit a relatively large number of people rather than a few individuals.
  2. The organization should generate cooperation among and within diverse groups in the interest of a more integrated and mutually understanding society.
  3. An applicant organization seeking "seed" or "matching monies" will also be considered. If requesting these monies, applicants should present positive documentation that other public and/or private sources will commit their funds to support the organization’s efforts.
Ineligible for Funding

The following general classifications do not meet CCHD criteria and/or guidelines for empowerment grants:

  1. Programs with primary focus on direct service (e.g., daycare centers, recreation programs, scholarships, subsidies, counseling programs, referral services, cultural enrichment programs, direct clinical services, emergency shelters and other services, etc.) Organizations involved with such direct services may develop mutual programs aimed at the empowerment of their served population which may qualify for a grant. e.g. advocacy, out of poverty training, etc.
  2. Advocacy efforts without the direct involvement and leadership of low-income individuals.
  3. Organizations controlled by governmental (federal, state, local), educational or ecclesiastical bodies.
  4. Research projects, surveys, planning and feasibility studies, etc.
  5. Individually owned, for-profit businesses.
  6. Organizations that would use CCHD money for a re-granting purposes or to fund other organizations.

Grants are awarded without regard to race or religion.

"CCHD, a Hand Up, not a Hand Out."

Contact Us: If after reading the criteria you have questions about the criteria and/or your organization's qualification, please contact us. cchd@dioceseofjoliet.org