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 Catholic Campaign for Human Development, Creating on the Margins

   Congratulations to the two winners of the CCHD Art Contest for the Diocese of Joliet, Tanya Masnyk and Alyssa Gomez!

 The “Creating on the Margins” national multi-media art contest is an annual contest sponsored by the Catholic    Campaign for Human Development (CCHD). CCHD is the anti-poverty program of the U.S. Catholic Bishops. CCHD works to empower those with low-income to address the root causes of poverty in their own communities and enact change. In our Diocese, CCHD currently funds 5 organizations working on concerns of human dignity such as: poverty, immigration, child abuse and job availability for disabled persons. This art contest is called “Creating on the Margins” because it seeks to inspire education and action in young people on issues of social justice. This year’s theme was “Share the Journey with Young Migrants and Refugees.”

Here in our Diocese of Joliet, young artists from grades 7-12 had a chance to participate. We’d like to commend our two winners for the Diocese. Tanya Masnyk, a freshman from St. Francis High School, was recognized as the winner for the 7-9th grade category. Alyssa Gomez, a junior at Joliet Catholic Academy, was recognized as the winner for the 10-12th grade category. Both students received a $100 prize and the opportunity to compete at the national level.


7-9th Grade Category Winner

Planting the Seeds of Our Future

By: Tanya Masnyk


10-12th Grade Category Winner

across the border

By: Alyssa Gomez


there’s a girl that sits across the border

and she looks a lot like me

but her almond eyes will never see

the sand of shining seas


there’s a boy that sits across the border

and he looks just like my brother

his almond eyes are bloodshot red

still looking for his mother


there’s a child that sits across the border

saying “donde esta mi Dios?”

her almond eyes begin to cry    

“maldecir las montañas y rios”


and we’re all right here, across the border

a line that we dare not to cross

how long will it take our people to see

that their loss is also our loss


dare i say that we go cross the border

to save the ones we forgot

“what you do for the least of my children,

you do unto me”

do we not?


Honorable Mention


By: Monique Robinson, 8th grade at Mother Teresa Catholic Academy


Running towards freedom in order to be completely safe.

Escaping from war and persecution.

Freedom is their goal.

Unhappy that they have to leave behind their family.

Guns and war constantly killing people with no way out.

Everything is gone.

Everything but their spirit to live.


Other Student Entries


Share the Journey

By: Katherine Lemke, freshman at St. Francis High School


Alyssa Neri, 8th Grade at Mother Teresa Catholic Academy 



One Road, Two Paths, One Outcome

By: Josephine Schlosser, freshman at St. Francis High School


Vera Wei, freshman at St. Francis High School



Still Children

By: Meghan Ward, freshman at St. Francis High School



The Final Destination

By: Gigi Singh, freshman at St. Francis High School