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True faith formation is both evangelical and relational: “The definitive aim of catechesis is to put people not only in touch, but also in communion and intimacy with Jesus Christ.” (Catechesi Tradendi, 5, see also GDC 80 and CCC 426)  Even in a clearly classroom-based faith formation program, we are called to go beyond instilling mere academic knowledge, to providing ongoing opportunities for people to develop a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ.

From "Introduction" to Diocese of Joliet Faith Formation Curriculum and Standards

Faith Formation texts must be chosen from those approved by the USCCB Committee on the Catechism. (see below for link to the Conformity Listing.) Although textbooks may be in doctrinal conformity, they can vary widely in how they handle age-appropriate methodologies, so one textbook series does not fit all parishes.  We recommend you choose your text, with the help of the catechists who will be using it, for user-friendly and child-friendly features.

Texts should reflect the pedagogy recommended by the Church: 

"a) they must be linked with the real life of the generation to which they are addressed, showing close acquaintance with its anxieties and questionings, struggles and hopes;

b) they must try to speak a language comprehensible to the generation in question;

c) they must make a point of giving the whole message of Christ and His Church, without neglecting or distorting anything, and in expounding it they will follow a line and structure that highlights what is essential;

d) they must really aim to give to those who use them a better knowledge of the mysteries of Christ, aimed at true conversion and a life more in conformity with God's will."    Catechesi Tradendae, 49

All full program textbooks published in the US have been found to be conformity with the Catechism. (See link below to the USCCB Conformity listing.)  That means they do not have to be evaluated for content, but rather only for pedagogy (teaching method.) It is suggested that parish leaders wishing to make a textbook change obtain samples of the proposed texts and gather a small review team consisting of experienced catechists at several age levels.  The form linked above may be used by reviewers.

Correlation of DOJ Faith Formation Curriculum with Major Text Series:

     Loyola Press, Finding God
     Loyola Press, Christ Our Life

     Our Sunday Visitor, Call to Faith        Parish       School

     Pflaum, Gospel Weeklies Faith Formation Program

     RCL/Benziger, Be My Disciples
     RCL/Benziger, Blest Are We  (1,152 KB PDF) 
     RCL/Benziger,  Faith First, Legacy Edition   Part 1   Part 2    Part 3    Part 4
      Sadlier, We Believe   K-Grade 2   Grade 3-5   Grade 6-8
      2012 Family Life/ Sexuality Curriculum Policy and Resources 
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Conformity Listing of Catechetical Texts and Series From the USCCB Committee on the Catechism

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