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Catechist Formation (Learning) Opportunities, Resources

"By virtue of faith and baptismal anointing, in collaboration with the Magisterium of Christ
and as a servant of the action of the Holy Spirit, THE CATECHIST IS:
A witness of faith and keeper of the memory of God
A teacher and a mystagogue who introduces others to the mystery of God
An accompanier and educator of those who are entrusted to him/her by the Church"
(Directory for Catechesis 113)

Why ongoing formation is necessary for all catechists:
Joe Paprocki: Catechist Formation: More Than a Path to Certification

In-person Catechist Formation Days and Follow-up Retreat (Check back for updates!)

Below are some ideas for how to engage in catechist formation.

DON'T FORGET! Whenever you complete a learning activity, please fill out a
Catechist Record of Formation

and turn it in to your parish leader to receive credit for your hours.

Formal Learning Opportunities for Catechists

Online Learning, University of Dayton VLCFF
 Learn at your own convenience by taking affordable short courses.
A 5-week course is the quivalent of 15 hours of formation credit.
(Certficate programs available from VLCFF - Certificate Level One = Diocesan Certification)

Catechist Webinars from Joe Paprocki
Check out the great, free short learning experiences from one of the nation's top trainers of catechists.

Online Spirituality of the Catechist Retreat
A free online retreat focusing on six characteristics as outlined in the Vatican Guide for Catechists

Catechist Formation Series Podcasts (2011-2018) From Barbara Morgan, USF, Steubenville
The basics of theology, methodology, scripture and more from a legendary catechist
(Keep scrolling and let it load - there are many podcasts - filed in reverse order.These can be downloaded into iTunes)

Don't Forget to Participate in Your Local Deanery Catechist Institutes!

Resource & Informal Learning Sites for Catechists
  Spend some time on your own with these.
  Submit a Catechist Record form to receive credit for time spent.
Catholic Catechist
Catechist Magazine
Amazing Catechists (OSV)
Catechist's Journey (Loyola Press)
Catechist Formation (OSV)
Catechist Formation
Catechist Cafe (Sadlier)
eCatechist (Faith Alive Books)
The Religion Teacher (Ave Maria Press)

Other Links to Great Online Resources
The Liturgical Catechist - curated library of videos and links on the Mass, seasons, symbols and sacraments
Using Audiovisual Media for Faith Formation

Student Evaluation Tools