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Record-Keeping & Evaluation


Record-Keeping for Catechists

DRE's, please read this document:
Administrative Management of Catechist Ongoing Formation 

Catechist Record of Formation (download here
This form is to be completed by the catechist each time formational work has been done.  It is intended to help the catechist reflect upon the learning experience and integrate it into her/his life and ministry. The form may be completed electronically or on paper. It is to be reviewed by the appropriate catechetical leader and retained in the catechist’s individual file (either electronically or on paper).

Catechist Annual Formation Log (download here)
This form is designed to log the formational experiences of each individual catechist completed during the course of a year. It may be maintained by the catechist or someone overseeing catechist record-keeping at the parish.  The form may be maintained electronically or on paper and is to ultimately reside in the catechist’s file (either electronically or paper).

Annual Parish Catechist Formation Summary Report (download 2020 report here)
This form should be completed electronically by the parish catechetical leader and emailed to reo@dioceseofjoliet.org by no later than June 30th each year. This spreadsheet will indicate the level of compliance a parish has achieved with the diocesan policy stating that each catechist is required to complete at least six hours of appropriate formation each year. (Appropriate formation is that which furthers the competencies of a catechist theologically, spiritually/personally or methodologically.)



Catechist Evaluation Process 
(Word)  (PDF)

A tool that may be used annually for catechists to self-evaluate and be evaluated by the parish leader. 

Tools for Student Evaluation
Tools for Student Evaluation Page