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Ad Altare Dei Workshop
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Ad Altare Dei Workshop (Concentrated)


Canceled for 2020 Due to COVID19


Youth today are very busy and often fail to earn their religious recognition due to time and geography. They are either too busy to commit to the 15+ weeks of attendance needed, or the workshops are offered in areas that would require burdensome travel times.


Realizing that our youth all come from various circumstances and some youth may be in need of a more compact timeline to accommodate them, we developed a seminar for them


The seminar is a SPECIAL Two Day Workshop for Ad Altare Dei that will end with a Board of Review, (provided the candidate completed all the requirements). Upon a successful Board of Review, they will be presented with their Ad Altare Dei emblem.


In addition to the Two Days – Your attendance at the Ros-a-Ree retreat is REQUIRED. The Ros-a-Ree not only fulfills one of the requirements for the emblem, but there will also be an Orientation Workshop held there that ALL who want to participate in this workshop MUST attend. This applies ONLY to this special workshop. Any retreat that is approved by your counselor for other workshops still applies.


NOTE:  This will be a fast-paced seminar. Participation in discussions will be required. Due to the pacing, some requirements will need to be done before the workshops. Failure to do so will result in the candidate being dismissed from the workshops. If you are thinking that this all sounds like an easy way to earn an emblem by just showing up, DO NOT SIGN UP because you will be setting yourself up for failure. If however, you are serious about your faith and are disciplined, you will find these seminars VERY worth your while.


Participants can expect the following:  1). Some requirements will have specific due dates that must be met before each seminar for your continued participation. 2). You will need to keep pace with your instructors. 3). Be prepared to work diligently for this honor. 4). You will be taking a lot of notes.


Dates:      October 3rd AND November 7th

Place:       Blanchette Catholic Center, 16555 Weber Road, Crest Hill, IL

Time:        9am until about 4pm Each Day, (Registration at 8:30am)


The 2019 Registration Forms and Information Materials are below (Note that Registration Will be Limited to the First Twelve Scouts Who Sign Up):


Flyer – Informational Flyer About the Event – Download and Pass it Out to Your Unit


Scouts, Parents, & Leaders Information Letter – Letter to Individual Scouts, Their Parents, and Their Leaders With More Information About the Event. It Also Answers Many of the Most Frequently Asked Questions


Youth Registration Packet – Registration Forms Needed by Youth. NOTE:  There are TWO forms that must be completed and signed by all attendees


It is important to note that this workshop is in no way intended to replace the fantastic workshops put on throughout the diocese by our incredible trained counselor volunteers. We still believe that the multiple week workshops are the BEST way for our youth to learn about their faith and earn this emblem.


We do realize, however, that there have been many young men and ladies who have a great faith and WANTED to work toward their recognition, but simply could not make it work time or geography wise. These are hardworking, industrious youth of faith who are missing a great experience and it is to those youth that these seminars are targeted.


To receive updates about this and other events, sign up for our quarterly newsletter, by sending us an email to jolietcatholicscouts@gmail.com. Be sure to include your name, address, phone number, and email so we can keep you updated.