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Scouting Religious Recognitions


Note:  ALL Religious Recognitions must be completed using an ORIGINAL workbook.  Information on how to purchase these workbooks can be found near the end of each Recognition webpage.  No copies (electronic or otherwise) of the workbook application or the workbook itself may be used.  Anyone wishing to complete a Religious Recognition must have their own original copy of the workbook and submit their own individual original copy of the application.


See the link for the religious recognitions you are looking for to the left (Adult Recognition; Recognitions for All Scouts; Recognitions for BSA Scouts Only; Recognitions - Others, etc...).


If you are looking for files that may help you in hosting a group workshop, check out the information available on this web page: Helpful Files for Advisers


If you are looking for a trained adviser/counselor/facilitator in your area, click here: Current Trained Adviser List. This list is sorted by Zip Code (it is an Excel spreadsheet so you can re-sort it any way you wish). Note that we strive to keep the list updated but sometimes advisers retire without telling us, so please forgive us for any errors in the list.


If you just want to know how to order religious recognitions after your child or workshop participant has completed all of their requirements, click here: Order Form.


If you are looking for ideas on how best to present a religious recognition, click here: Suggested Presentation Guidelines for Religious Recognitions


Anyone hosting a workshop, (i.e. a workshop is any religious recognition work done for a group. In other words it is NOT a parent(s) working on a recognition with their own children), MUST notify the Catholic Committee on Scouting of their intent to begin a group workshop BEFORE the group workshop starts. Our email address is the best way to communicate your intent.