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Upcoming Theology on Tap talks:


October 16th:

For details click here 

Flyer here 

Stay tuned for our next theology on tap events:

November 2019: Fr. Steven Borello “Forgiveness and Healing” 

January 2020: Abbot Austin G. Murphy , OSB “From conception to death, Life matters” 

February 2020: Fr. Andy Davy “Love that never fails” 

March 2020: Fr. Ryan Adorjan “Wonder, Desire and Human Longing” 



Missed our last talk? check out the links and resources bellow:




As promised, here are resources Copper shared with us in September:

The Light of Christ by Thomas Joseph White
Everlasting Man
Ballad of the White Horse (This is an incredible epic poem)
The Last Superstition by Edward Feser
Reality by Garrigou-Lagrange (this is a big one but incredibly good)

Audiobooks: Both are very accessible introductions to Thomas Aquinas
Introduction to Thomas Aquinas by Peter Kreeft
Thomas Aquinas by Eleonore Stump

Thomistic Institute—They are all good but the ones by Thomas Joseph White are especially good.
Thomistic Institute Serries on Christology from the Angelicum Here



Did you miss The Cook off finale event? Watch the recorded live transmission of the Cook-Off HERE, and the Pannel Discussion HERE