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TOT Gift of Self

The Gift of Self

As young adults we might wonder how we can give ourselves to another or to God in our vocation. Maybe we wonder when that time will come for us, or we want to do better in our current vocation. Perhaps, there are parts of our story that we are working through in the process. In this talk, Father Steven Borello will help us to examine our hearts to see how we can become free to love fully. Open to young adults, ages 18-39.

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TOT Bishop Perry Flyer

Creating an Intentional Plan for your Life

Did you know that you don't need to be in a religious community to have a Rule of Life? Join us on Monday, January 31, as Bishop Joseph Perry talks about how to create an intentional plan of life that is productive, while nurturing our discipleship with Christ toward seeing some real results for our lives. The talk will be followed by time for questions.

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Healing; Wounded

In this presentation Drew will share some of his story from his new book, Healing of a Restless Heart. That story is one of great grace and mercy and some pain and trauma as well. By the grace of God he has continued his journey in faith one day at a time, trusting in the great mercy of Jesus Christ who forgives all of our sins and walks with us in times of trial - even when they seem not to go away. Drew will also be performing some music off his coming debut EP. Come hear the great story of all of us – seen through the lens of one man.


Navigating Relationships During Challenging Times

The current realities of global pandemic and social unrest can be personally challenging as we enter the holidays season. We can find ourselves feeling a strain in our relationships: with our loved ones, within ourselves, and even with God. How do we navigate these important relationships during these difficult times? How can we lean on our faith to help us maintain healthy relationships? Join us for a virtual conversation on how to better care for our relationships going into this important season.

Darius Villalobos' Presentation (download)



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