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Catholic Sports Leagues

Join Our Bible Studies

Our bible studies are the primary way we exercise our core value of vulnerable intimacy. All growth in relationships, including spiritually with christ, begins with an act of vulnerability

Our Bible studies take on a few core ideals:

  • Always remain open to new people and invite them

  • Grow until we have to split

  • Lead with co-leaders to make the split easy

  • Always be vulnerable and real, frequently practice sharing testimonies with the group

  • Single gender, unless you’re married/engaged

  • Ideally meet in a house/apartment with the most privacy

  • Materials should be accessible to any person to lead (pre-packed study books), and the content is not meant to require higher education, but be accessible to all

  • Video content is not preferred, as it takes us away from being present to each other

  • Always incorporate scripture, which “pierces like a two-edged sword”

Interested in joining a men's/women's group
to grow in faith & meaningful friendships?

Click here or email Anna at amann@catholicsports.net
to learn more about small groups!